An alternative tarot blog

This is a personal blog about tarot. In it, you’ll find my own interpretations of different cards and their meanings, as well as posts about created or found tarot spreads, reviews of decks and other ramblings.

As a queer feminist, I’m interested in finding alternatives to many of the traditionally understood tarot card meanings. When I began my journey with tarot, I was bothered by the heteronormativity of so many of the cards, and the binary ideas about gender and archetypes. Realising I could interpret the cards in my own way was a revelation and a relief. Now, I read with a mixture of instinct, analysis and reference to the meanings I found in books years ago.

Alternative tarot blog

I don’t claim or wish to be any sort of authority on the tarot. I don’t see tarot as a set system of beliefs – there are as many different interpretations of a card as there are people to read them. I’ve been playing with tarot cards for a few years now and journalling as I go…so in 2011, I decided to move things online. Further thoughts on tarot here.

Credit for tarot artwork is given beneath each image, along with a link wherever possible. Pretty much all other images are photographs taken by me – I have a 35mm Canon AE-1 and a simple digital point-and-shoot.

Oh yeah. About me: My name is Beth. I live on the Isle of Skye. I make websites, take photographs, love my girl, write various blogs, and dream of running my own hotel (all things in time).

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I’m currently looking for guest writers for Little Red Tarot. If you think you have something to contribute to this website, please drop me a line.

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Interested in tarot? Let’s talk! Tried out a spread? Please post your experience. Totally disagree with my take on things? That’s cool too – please comment freely :) I really want to connect with other tarot explorers through this website.

But but BUT.

No trolls (duh). Homophobes, bigots, misgogynists, transphobics, fascists: take a hike. If you want to hurt me, talk to the face. If you just want to bitch about how tarot is a load of bunkum, how about starting your own blog?