The Alternative Tarot Course: Questions & Answers

Note: This post is about a previous iteration of the Alternative Tarot Course in which I experimented with a live ‘community’ element. That iteration had a very small cohort of students and a community forum where we could meet and talk.

The current version of the course does not have this feature, making it self-paced and more affordable.

The Apparition Tarot

I’ve received a lot of questions about the Alternative Tarot Course. Here are the answers!

What equipment do I need to do this course?

The basic requirement is a deck of tarot cards. This course is journal-based, so you can expect to do a lot of writing! Downloadable worksheets are available for you to complete online (shared via Google Drive), or print out and fill in (Google account not required) – or you may prefer to use your own journal, it’s entirely up to you!

You will also be encouraged to create a quiet space in your home for your tarot practice – but if this is not possible, that’s okay!

Can I use any tarot deck?

The best deck to use with this course is one that is fully-illustrated, with plenty of figures or scenes or symbols to read. This is a really visual course, we’ll be doing a lot of looking at cards, so you’ll need to use a tarot deck that has plenty to get into – and one that you really connect with.

What is the time commitment? How much work is this course?

This isn’t a casual course – it does require you to put aside a few hours each week to create a tarot practice and work through some of the exercises. You have the option each week of a ‘bare minimum’, with plenty of extra exercises for when you have more time.

Can I take this as a self-paced class?

This class is presented as a weekly programme, with new chapters going live each week, and community discussion centring on that week’s theme in the class forum. However, life happens – I get that! It’s likely that at least a few students will fall behind, it happens to all of us sometimes! I’m making it as easy as possible for folks to catch up if they get behind, and it’s possible to do a ‘bare minimum’ of the materials in order to keep up during busy weeks. At the other end of the spectrum, there are lots of extra exercises for those who have more time and want to do extra work!

The Melanated Classic Tarot

How long will the materials be available?

Materials will remain available to all participants until mid-December. The downloadable workbooks (one for each chapter) are yours to save and keep forever.

Will you be offering this course again?

At this point, I can’t say for sure that I’ll offer the course again in this exact format – it is an experiment for me to see how it goes running a course that needs me to be present each week. My hope is that it will go beautifully, and I will offer it again in early 2020! However, at this stage, I cannot offer any guarantees. Another possibility will be that I share the course again in the future as a pure self-study class, without the community element, much like the previous version (but with all the extra bells and whistles!)

Why has the price gone up?

Unlike the previous version of the course, this one requires me to be present. If I go on holiday during the duration of the course (which I will be doing), I’ll have to take my laptop with me and make time to check in with students and moderate the forum.

This community element also means I must limit course participants. With the previous version, participants purchased access to a website full of written materials, and then got on with it in their own time. This course has a community element (by hugely popular demand!), and I need to keep numbers small so we can build trust, intimacy and safety within the space.

The entire course experience is also just so much richer. Photography, video, audio, not to mention workbooks for each chapter – all of this has taken a huge amount of work.

What about financial accessibility?

It is as important to me as it has ever been that tarot learning is accessible to all. Sliding scale options have been provided to enable folks with different incomes to pay a fair price for this course. There is also a four-part payment plan so you can spread the standard cost of the course across four months.

And nobody will be turned away for lack of funds – for those experiencing severe financial hardship, there is an invitation to reach out for help.

You can find out about all of this on the registration page.

You can find out all about the Alternative Tarot Course here!

Any further questions? Hit me up!