Welcome to Little Red Tarot!

Who are we?

LRT is owned and run by me, Beth Maiden (she/her). Hi!

I’m a rural-dwelling tarot/art nerd (and wannabe barber) with a deep true love for my queer community. I started this shop by accident, and, nine (!!) years on, it’s my pride and joy – and a space of constant learning and growth.

You can find me over at bethmaiden.com, blogging (occasionally) about anticapitalist business, art and ritual, and navigating whole-self life and work. Though nowadays it’s mostly just weird poems.

…and if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, you can read seven years of my personal tarot/life blogging over on the Little Red Tarot community archive.

…and our fabulous team:


Hele is our customer service representative extraordinaire. As she is way more chilled-out than Beth, she’s in charge of the shop inbox (i.e. all your lovely queries), as well as packing and shipping your orders every Monday.


Emily is head of staff wellbeing. She is always on hand to make sure everyone is doing okay, taking regular breaks and getting giving her enough snuggles.



Jammy is in charge of team motivation and shop security, often sleeping in boxes of packaging in order to keep a close eye on everything.