About us

The Little Red Tarot Shop is an online home for independently-published tarot and oracle decks, radical magic, and spiritual tools for the feminist revolution.

These are the decks you won’t find on Amazon, the handcrafted potions gentrifying ‘lifestyle stores’ overlook. Cultivating strong working relationships with artists and creators and listening to our fabulous customers, we curate this shop with love, care and intention, stocking only our very favourite tarot and oracle decks and other resources. The goods you’ll find here are all items we truly believe in.

We have a strong focus on LGBTQ-centred goods and proudly serve our beloved queer family – through investing in the work of LGBTQ+ creators, and through actively promoting their creations to our audience. We are also actively committed to growing our range of POC-centred goods. We believe in the radical magic that is created in marginal spaces and are excited to play a role in strengthening this magic.

Slow and intentional shopping

We understand that customers come to our store seeking spiritual and self-development tools, and we aim to honour these intentions in the way we serve you.

Rather than marketing our goods through creating a sense of urgency or need, we simply present our collection of magical goods and trust that each item speaks for itself. We encourage mindful shopping by offering information, images, objective reviews and learning resources to help you discover for yourself if we carry what you are seeking.

We literally design our systems to be the very opposite of Amazon and other retail giants. Where the big guys race to to the bottom with depersonalised service in favour of impossibly fast delivery times and rock-bottom prices, we take our time over each order, hand-wrapping items with care and shipping out to you twice a week. We care for our team and consider every element of our processes to ensure that we are always in alignment with our guiding values.

Our guiding values


  • We’re proud to be in healthy, communicative relationships with the wonderful people who create the goods we sell, and we work to pass this connectedness on to our customers through providing lots of information about the creations we sell.
  • We intentionally seek goods that foster connectedness and community.
  • Through the information we provide, we help our customers and our suppliers understand this shop as an ecosystem. Within it are many connected bodies who all contribute to the process of getting these items from the creator’s mind into your hands.


  • We are committed to meeting every person that comes into contact with our shop as a human being. Our customer service and our relationships with suppliers and partners is relational, not simply transactional. Our policy is to handle every enquiry with empathy and compassion.
  • We acknowledge the material resources provided to us by our planet and pay respect to the earth through resourcefulness and gratitude. We seek to reduce, reuse and recycle in every area of this business. Customer returns, damaged goods and other sources of potential waste are creatively re-used in our marketplace section. Our packaging is largely re-used and we have a ‘no new plastic’ policy.


  • Everything we sell here is an artistic creation. We celebrate and honour this creative energy by displaying our goods with pride, handling our stock with care, hand-wrapping and decorating your orders with love and joy.
  • We want working and shopping here to feel like beautiful experiences, and we design our workspace, our website and all tangible elements of this shop with a focus on uplifting aesthetics. We fill our workspace with plants, textiles and artwork, we enliven our website with colour and photography, and we use fun stationery to bring beauty to every task.


  • Our values are not about greenwashing or saying the right buzzwords – we stand behind our values and take great pride in returning to them over and over as we continue to reflect and improve on our service.

Who are we?

The Little Red Tarot Shop is run by me, Beth Maiden. Hi!

I’m a 30-something rural-dwelling ritual artist and tarot nerd with a sincere and deep love for my queer spiritual community. I started this shop by accident, and, five years on, it’s my pride and joy.

You can find me over at bethmaiden.com, blogging about anticapitalist business and navigating whole-self humanity.

Our fabulous assistant is the one and only Hele – Piscean explorer of the psycho-spiritual depths and navigator of the stormy sea …as well as a careful order-packer and customer service assistant par excellence.

Also providing invaluable help in the running of this operation are Emily (tortoiseshell), in charge of staff wellbeing, and Jammy (tabby), who takes care of daily team motivation.