Hi! I’m Beth. beth-maiden-2

Welcome to Little Red Tarot – an alternative tarot resource for anyone who’s curious about what a deck of 78 cards can teach them.

I’m not interested in predicting the future, or digging up the secrets of your past. I’m interested in how we can use tarot to understand ourselves better. To tune in to what’s going on in the here and now, learn about the roads we’re travelling and find options for moving forwards, healing and growing in alignment with our own truths.

I wholeheartedly believe that we hold within ourselves the answers we are seeking, and that tarot is a beautiful and empowering tool for bringing forth these answers.

I also believe that personal growth and collective liberation are intricately bound together. In exploring ourselves and bringing forth the truths we hold within us, we change ourselves, our communities, and our world. The conversations I love best take place at the intersections of tarot, magic, healing and social justice, and everybody can participate.

The aim of Little Red Tarot is to be a space for those conversations. Here, a wonderful team of writers share our own journeys and discoveries, and together we offer you ideas, inspiration and insight for your own.

It’s not just about tarot!

This is a safe and inclusive space for conversations about astrology, ritual, witchcraft, magic, creativity, spirituality, trauma and healing, social justice, resistance and more. Whilst a tarot thread runs through this site, the conversation is really much, much broader (and gets broader every year as new writers come on board and my own journey twists and turns.)

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Diversity, inclusion & safer spaces

Little Red Tarot is 100% committed to centring and amplifying marginalised voices. This includes but is not limited to people of colour, queer, LGB, trans, nonbinary and genderqueer people, people with disabilities, poor/broke people, people living with mental health or chronic illness, and others whose voices are not typically centred in the tarot ‘scene’ or the wider community. This work is praxis; a real-world expression of my deeply-held belief that magic, healing, and personal and collective liberation are inextricably linked.

Furthermore, we work hard as a team to ensure everything published on this site maintains a safer collective space. In practice this means care is chosen to ensure language and images used and topics discussed are proactively inclusive and that exclusive and triggering language is either avoided completely, or where appropriate, flagged, critiqued, acknowledged or otherwise discussed. I don’t believe it is possible to guarantee a truly safe space (hence ‘safer space’), but this is what we are aiming for in everything we create here.

This is a work in progress, happening on budgeted time, money, skill and other resources. I am always actively seeking writers to join our team who bring marginal perspectives and experiences (not that writing must always be explicitly about marginalisation). I actively welcome and encourage feedback on this topic from marginalised people and continually seek opportunities to centre these voices and experiences.

Our Guiding Values

Our guiding values are: Vulnerability and Realness, Openness and Transparency, Interdependence and Trust, Curiosity and Experimentation, Enough-ness and Generosity, Accountability, Compassion, Intentionality. You can read more about these here!

About me

My name is Beth Maiden.

I’m a tarot reader and writer living in Machynlleth, mid-Wales. My identities include queer and white British, and I’m a cis woman using she/her pronouns.

When I was first introduced to tarot years ago, I was a full-time cynic. I’d never seen a tarot deck, never given divination more than a derisive snort.

But a super-cool tarot reader was in town and she offered my friend and I each a reading. “What the hell,” I thought, and I watched as she laid down my cards.

I was grappling with something pretty major at the time, and as she described card after card, I was drawn in by the way they spoke to me so personally, addressing the innermost secret workings of my heart and mind.

And those pictures! Charismatic queens, stormy seas, animal helpers, mythical symbols and all those weird-ass colors and patterns…they captivated me. Each image seemed to illuminate and clarify a part of my experience. After my reading, I felt strange. And good! Like I knew how to move forwards. Like everything was gonna be fine and I could totally do this shit because, whoa, The Universe Had My Back.

I have been developing my own personal approach to the cards ever since.


As a queer woman and a feminist, I’ve spent years finding alternatives to ‘traditional’ interpretations of the tarot cards.

When I first began my journey with tarot, I was bothered by the heteronormativity and reductive gender binaries I found throughout the tarot decks and books I used. Realising I could interpret tarot in my own way was a revelation and a relief.

Now I read using a mixture of intuition, my own interpretations, and the traditional card meanings I learned in the early days.

I offer two popular, affordable online courses for anyone who wants to find their own way with tarot: The Alternative Tarot Course, and A Card a Day. Find out about both courses here!

I’m also the resident tarot reader at the progressive feminist/queer website Autostraddle.com, where I write the fortnightly Fool’s Journey column.

I live with two awesome cats and my partner Em in a small town in the hills of mid-Wales. When I’m not playing with tarot cards or working on this site, I’ll be out taking photographs, foraging herbs, learning Welsh, or mining the internet for music and writing that moves me.

Want to know more about me? Read this interview, in which I talk with Sarah Gottesdiener about how Little Red Tarot came about and the limitless possibilities of queer magic.

Contact me

DSC_0045Like what you read? Want to talk tarot? Leave a message in the comments on one of my blog posts, or drop me a line to beth@littleredtarot.com.

I’m also on that there Twitter @littleredtarot, where unsurprisingly I ramble on about tarot and queer stuff and share lots of links.

You can also get on my email list! I send chatty, impulsive, irregular missives letting you know what’s happening in my world and sharing helpful tarot tips and news. (There are also pictures of my cats if you like that kind of thing.)