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REVIEW | The Spacious Tarot: An invitation to reclaim your space

If tarot cards are portals, then the Spacious Tarot is a key to step into spaces. Spaces we’ve wandered at night forever. Spaces still left to discover and explore. Read more

a tarot spread with This Might Hurt Tarot, some vintage swan figurines, box and tiny knives

Your self-expression tarot spread

Exploring where you need a means of expression, what obstacles and tools are presented to you, and some softness to help you through it all. Read more

‘I am…’ – a practice of feeling into a card

If a card could tell you about itself, what might it say? In this exercise, we imagine ourselves as the card itself. Read more

The Two-Card Cross: A short, sweet, super-useful spread

This mini tarot spread offers a ‘snapshot’ of your situation, with flexible positions that can be adapted for all kinds of questions. Read more

The Turning Year: A tarot spread & ritual

A tarot reading ritual for reflection and intention-setting at the turning of the year. Read more

A tarot spread for holidays, trips & vacations

If you’re lucky enough to be taking a holiday this summer, here’s a spread to try before you go! Read more

Tarot for Trailblazing: Self-care baskets & a tarot spread for queer & disabled folx in pandemic times

“I’m watching conversations shift and I wonder: whose normal we are going back to?” A guest post shared by Grace Quantock. Read more

Tarot Spreads for the Spacious Tarot

Dive deeper into your Spacious Tarot (or other favourite deck) with these four simple tarot spreads created and shared by Cathou. Read more

A beginners’ guide to Lenormand, from the Hurricane Mystic

Want to know how to read Lenormand cards? Start here, with this accessible guide from the Hurricane Mystic! Read more

How to choose a tarot deck

Finding a tarot deck that’s right for you can be a minefied! Here’s our advice. Read more

A tarot spread for identifying obstacles

A spread to help you to acknowledge the obstacles you’re facing and understanding them. Plus, some practical ideas to spark up some change Read more

DIY tarot spreads with the Spread Machine Cards + Oracle

Creator Kimberly M Tsan introduces her latest deck – a colourful, easy to use system for creating your own custom tarot spreads. Read more

Layers of knowing: A daily check-in tarot spread

A simple ritual and two-card spread for checking in each day. Read more

Finding support & inspiration in the tarot

Tarot can help us find inspiration and support when we feel stuck or in a rut. Read more

Tarot Deck Interview Spread

Get to know your new deck with the Tarot Deck Interview Spread

What’s the first thing you do when you get a new tarot deck? Here’s a spread to help you meet and discover your new cards (includes a worksheet to download)! Read more

Beyond Kings & Queens: Renaming tarot court cards

Renaming tarot’s court cards offers different and anti-oppressive ways of reading these cards. Read more

Wayfinding: A new moon tarot spread

A short, simple tarot spread to help clarify intentions and find your way forward. Perfect for the new moon – or any time you feel confused about direction. Read more

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