Little Red Tarot Courses

The Alternative Tarot Course: Learn to read tarot in your own unique way.

A fun online course to develop your personal approach to tarot.

This is not about memorising card meanings or learning from a book. You’ll build a personal relationship with your tarot cards and lean to use them in your own unique way.


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An email course to teach you tarot in bite-sized, accessible daily lessons.

Whether you have five minutes per day or a little bit longer, A Card a Day offers simple daily lessons to help you get to know the cards’ meanings one by one.


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Free resources

Tarot decks for beginners

Advice for choosing a deck, and a few suggestions.

Favourite tarot decks

Indulge your decklust in the Little Red Tarot Shop!

Tarot spreads

An archive of some of my favourite tarot spreads.

Tarot card meanings

Explore personal perspectives on the cards.