Tarot Spreads for the Spacious Tarot

Far more than showing many facets of what space can be, the Spacious Tarot HOLDS SPACE. It lets us be. That’s how it centres.

Spacious tarot spreads

If you’re enjoying your Spacious Tarot deck, here are four simple spreads, created and shared by Cathou, to help you drop into a deeper conversation. (Of course, these can be used with any deck!)

A reading facing the sea

When you’re sitting on the beach with a tarot deck, especially this one, or whenever you feel called by or in need of the sea energy.

1/ Message from the sea, the spirit of the place,…

2/ The waves crashing on the beach. What keeps coming back in my life.

3/ Something to release, exhale, send back for it to get lost in the sea?

4/ The wind on your face helping you to be present in this instant.

A reading for the Inner Fire

On the Spacious Tarot wands cards, magic seems to take over landscapes. Like inner fire meets cosmic forces.

1/ The Inner Fire currently

2/ Wood: Fuelling the Fire. How can I nourish my flame?

3/ Barrier: Protecting the Fire. How can I ensure my flame lives on despite energy waste or external threats?

4/ Intent: Directing the Inner Fire. Which areas need my flame’s focus now?

5/ Sparks: The Inner Fire glows around. How can it fulfil me or others? How can I use it purposefully?

A reading in the forest

Whenever you’re in the forest or want to access the forest within you.

1/ Soil: What are my nutrients? My essentials? What do I need to grow?

2/ Howls in the dark: What ancestral wisdom is on its way to me? What are whispering spirits (plants, stones, deities,…) around me?

3/ Shelter: Where can I find refuge and nourishment whenever I need it?

4/ Gift: How can I honour this place? How can I live a sustainable life?

Crow wisdom reading

A spread inspired by The Spacious’ swords “court cards”.

1/ Explorer of swords: When am I too harsh? When am I overreacting? What could use more compassion and patience?

2/ Child of swords: What mental activity needs more focus from me? What am I eager to learn? What new area does my mind crave to explore?

3/ Elder of swords: What message can I deliver to the world? In what field is my perspective useful to guide others? How can I use the knowledge I’ve already built?

4/ Guardian of swords: How can I use my brain to lovingly ground myself? How can I use my intellect in service of my feelings and healing process?

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