About our packaging

Packaging is a huge deal for online shops, and here at Little Red Tarot we put a huge amount of thought into ours!

Our #1 golden rule is: no new plastic

From envelopes to padding to labels to tape, we do not use any new plastic in our packaging. We are continually experimenting with compostable alternatives to plastic packaging, but at present, believe that re-used bubble wrap is the best material for wrapping many of our items.

Reused bubble wrap

We only use bubble wrap where strictly necessary.

Our bubble wrap comes from the local community here in Machynlleth, mid-Wales. Friends and neighbours are all too happy to have a ‘local recycling facility’ for used bubble wrap, and bags of the stuff regularly turn up on our doorstep! We also re-use the bubble-wrap we receive from suppliers.

With podcasts or music on loud, we sort through it, remove any that is dirty, torn or taped, and cut the rest into neat squares ready to wrap tarot decks :)

Other plastic padding such as large air pillows and foam wrap also comes from our local community and suppliers in the same way. In this way we ensure that we never have to buy new plastic, and instead give a second use to plastic that would otherwise go straight to landfill.

Recyclable & Compostable

All other packaging is made from paper, being 100% recyclable and compostable:

  • Our white padded envelopes are described as the most environmentally friendly padded mailer on the market. They are made from 100% recycled paper. They can go straight in the paper recycling, or torn up and added to the compost bin.
  • Our brown cardboard envelopes and boxes are 100% compostable and can be put in the paper recycling or torn up and added to the compost bin.
  • Our tissue wrapping paper is our once concession to luxury – we do love  It is acid-free and fully recyclable/compostable.
  • Our packing tape is 100% paper, so it is not neccessary to remove it from the packaging in order to recycle or compost.
  • Non-plastic padding (e.g. scrunched brown paper) is also re-used.

Help with recycling

In the UK, you can find out about what can be recycled in your area at Recycle Now.