All of Our Stories: The Little Red Tarot Guidebook

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Our best-selling handbook for anyone wanting to liberate their tarot practice and discover their own unique story in their cards. An accessible, inclusive card-by-card reference guide to the tarot, by LRT’s Beth Maiden.

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The Little Red Tarot Guidebook

All of Our Stories is a handbook for anyone wanting to liberate their tarot practice and discover their own unique story in their cards. It’s also an accessible, inclusive card-by-card reference guide to the tarot, offering my own interpretations as a springboad for discovering your own.

This book is suitable for beginners, experienced readers, and everybody else. (And, of course, it’s an ideal companion to the Alternative Tarot Course!)

Your purchase also includes a randomly-pulled tarot card from our lucky dip box, tucked inside your book :)

Looking for the eBook version? It’s here!

The art of reading tarot is the art of telling stories. Finding stories, claiming stories, shaping them and making them our own.

Within the 78 cards of the tarot, we find every human experience. The good and the bad. The mundane and the earth-shattering. Love and hope. Inspiration and fear. Oppression, justice and liberation. Integration and transformation.

In this accessible guidebook, Beth shows how tarot helps us to take ownership of all of this and more, so we can claim and tell our beautiful, messy, totally unique life stories. She offers an approach to tarot rooted in subjectivity and self-care, one that empowers us to imagine new and different futures for ourselves and our communities.

This book is also a reference guide, offering meanings for the 78 cards. It is suitable for total beginners as well as more experienced tarot readers, and it can be used alongside any tarot deck.

All of Our Stories makes a perfect companion to the Alternative Tarot Course!

Paperback, 286 pages.
Each book contains a randomly-pulled tarot card from our lucky dip box!
First edition. Printed in the UK on FSC certified paper.


  1. Hannah (verified owner)

    What a wonderful book. Thoughtfully and sustainably packaged, with super-fast delivery. I am glad I purchased the hard copy as I often lose focus when reading digitally. After struggling to engage with my deck I came across The Tarot Deck Interview Spread exercise on your website and from there found this book with all these wonderful resources and encouragement I needed to feel more confident with my practice. I love the breakdown of each card, and how the book is written with inclusivity and sensitivity. Many thanks!

    • Beth

      Aw, thank you so much for the lovely review Hannah! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book :)
      Beth xxxx

  2. EJ (verified owner)

    I really love this book. I originally read the LRT tarot card library and LOVED the breakdown of each card as it was easy to understand and written in a way that prompted you to personalise the card meanings, so I KNEW I had to get the book. It’s the perfect companion for tarot beginners to the more advanced tarot readers. Thank you Beth for writing such an inclusive and beautiful tarot guide.

    • Beth

      Thank you EJ!

  3. Sharon (verified owner)

    I so wish I’d had this book at the beginning of my tarot journey. It resonates so much with my way of seeing the world and links into how I view the cards perfectly. It’s good quality, well written, covers everything you need to know in order to fly on your own and is also the perfect companion for those who have signed up [or are thinking of doing so] to The Alternative Tartot Course. If you’re more intuitive than scriptive then don’t hesitate – you won’t regret it.

  4. Frances barker

    This book is just brilliant. I am a tarot virgin, picking up bits and pieces, using my intuition, but I really wanted a book I could just pick up and get a good overview of suits, numbers, the story, etc. Making it easypeasy to play and learn. This is just perfect, like having a knowledgeable but kind friend who is happy to share their knowledge but also leave a lot to room for you to use your own wisdom to shape the reading. This is the exact book I had been envisioning, thank you Beth for being the magical expression of it.

    • Beth

      Wow, what a lovely review! Thank you so much Frances – this is exactly what I was hoping for this book. So glad you’re enjoying it :)

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