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Heal & Harm | Mothering Myself as the Queen of Swords

To cut off abusers is to be the Queen of Swords. To take care of ourselves by cutting off communication, and not necessarily dramatically. Sometimes there is nothing more to be said, and the most powerful statement is said with silence. Read more

The Numinous Tarot: The love we need to grow

The Numinous Tarot places hope at the heart of the revolution. “We may have to build this place ourselves, but we are worth the effort, the space, and the care of doing so.” – Noel Heimpel Read more

Dark Days | Exploring sacred masculinity through Tarot

This new moon in Gemini, Wren shows us how to “develop life-empowering associations for each of the Kings in the Tarot, and consider them outfits hanging in your very own proverbial gender closet.” Read more

Many Moons | You contain multitudes: Solstice & new moon in Gemini

It is possible to hold multiple realities at once. At the apex of the year, this Gemini new moon helps us to explore, embrace and integrate our many contradictions. Read more

Tarot as a Path of Healing | Befriending

Befriending cards is a great exercise to figure out where you’re at in your life and to begin naming what you want more of, as well as what needs releasing. Read more

See the Cripple Dance | Nine of Swords: Tears, fears, & being both the caring and the cared for

In which those sharp, bloody swords are connected to medical procedures. Read more

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