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Heathen’s Journey | Wunjo & the sacred rebellion of joy

“A lot of people (myself included) often think of happiness like ‘I’ll know it when I see it.’ But – what does happiness feel like?” Abbie explores the rune for joy. Read more

Get to know…Luke Dani Blue (& their dog)

“I think when change means loosening the locks on our internal cages, it feels like freedom and relief. Any homo who’s come out to themselves or trans person who finally got hormones knows what that’s like.” Read more

REVIEW | Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition

Traci reviews a new deck that blends traditional tattoo symbolism with tarot. Read more

Astrology vs Astrologism: An extract from Astrology & Storytelling by Alice Sparkly Kat

“When we talk about astrology, there’s this idea that astrology is something to be believed in. But astrology is only the study of change and its meaning.” Read more

Introducing… my new website!

It’s a simple, heartfelt offering of the work I want to be doing right now – with you, with our WitchyQueer community, with the owners of tiny spiritual businesses in this big, chaotic world. Read more

Queering the Tarot | Nine of Pentacles

A card of luxury, the Nine of Pentacles shows us rise to a prosperous state and offers us a chance to look around, smell the roses, and be grateful. Read more

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