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Dark Days | Q&A with Wren McMurdo

Wren answers some common questions about her tarot practice and the creation of the Dark Days Tarot. Read more

Heal & Harm | How death changes the Death card

Sometimes there’s an explanation to it and sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes death is just death. How do we incorporate these very visceral, physical, and deeply material experiences of literal death into the Death card when its presence greets us in a reading?   Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Kenaz lights the torch

“Kenaz creates warmth, but it also protects you.” In the latest instalment of Heathen’s Journey, Abbie explores the energy and messages of the Kenaz rune. Read more

Tarot as a Path of Healing | Embodying (part 2)

Alexis shares a full-body tarot spread: “There is something powerful and vulnerable lying down and having cards placed on you while one or many folks begin to speak about what they see about you and your story via the cards.” Read more

See the Cripple Dance | Post-surgery & post-break-up introspection with the Page of Cups

On reading poetry, refusing to hide from pain, and blossoming in the mud during Chiron Retrograde. Read more

Tarot decks for beginners

Choosing your first tarot deck can be a minefield! Here’s my advice for what to look out for, what to consider, and a few decks that might inspire you. Read more

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