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Self-isloating due to chronic illness or other conditions that make coronavirus extra-dangerous for you?

Isolation Tarot Love Pack

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100% of profits direct to QueerCare.

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The Alternative Tarot Course

Sliding scale pricing for all budgets.
50% of profits going direct to Safety4Sisters.

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Support Sex Workers!

Slightly-bruised Slutist Tarot decks sold on a donation basis.

Pay what you can.
100% of profits direct to SWARM Collective.

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I had the surprise to see a beautiful package in the mail today. I opened it carefully and imagine the look on my face when I saw with how much care my order had been handled! I am so happy. 

I never saw a better customer service before. I am both very pleased and very touched. 

– Catherine, France


I just received my tarot deck. I’m enamoured not just with the deck itself, but with the sweet and gentle packaging and LOVE bundled along with it. 

Though I am across the pond in NYC, I hope to look towards your shop for more hard to find, and not so hard, decks and goodies.

– Nyxx, USA


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