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Redefining femininity in the Many Queens Tarot

“The cards began to accumulate stories for me, about my friends and my relationships, how to be soft with myself when times are hard, how to hold myself accountable when I need to.” Read more

The Garden | Social Capital & platform ownership

Social Capital is an intangible economy of power and access that exists between community members. How can we be accountable to this as business owners who rely on social capital to make a living? Read more

The tarot chose me: Andrea Furtick on the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas

“I built a portfolio full of melanated goddesses with creamy brown skin tones embracing their femininity and power. I love making art that makes my sisters feel good about themselves.” Read more

Queering the Tarot is seeking a new home!

If you run or know of an intersectional witchy community space that could provide a home to our longest-running queer tarot column, let us know! Read more

LRT ending: Questions & answers

Following my recent announcement that LRT is winding down on 31st October, I’ve received some questions and comments – here are my answers! Read more

MOONWORK: somatic practice for queers

“MOONWORK is a practice of making home in self, others, and the present moment, as perfect-for-now experiences that include past & future.” Hannah Harris-Sutro introduces her new online class. Read more

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