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Kickstart your tarot journey with a fun + fresh, modern tarot deck. No scary stuff – just Practical Magic.

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Kickstart your tarot journey with a fun + fresh, modern tarot deck – no scary stuff. Just Practical Magic.

Created by Chinggay Labrador, this Practical Magic Starter Deck introduces you to the tarot and all the Practical + Magical potential it holds.

By using modern images, relatable catchphrases, and archetypes that are easy to grasp, the Practical Magic Starter Deck helps tarot newbies and enthusiasts see tarot as a tool they can use everyday – something that can add magic to the mundane.

The tarot is a 78-card system of symbols and archetypes that can short circuit you straight to your intuition.

When you learn the tarot the Practical Magic way, you empower yourself to:

• tackle overwhelming feelings, thoughts, and emotions
• shift your perspective about yourself, your relationships, your career, and your life
• build mindfulness so you can create and move towards milestones that matter to you

… all with modern, accessible and super relatable images that help dispel all the scary stuff you’re worried about ;)


  • 78-card deck, printed in Hong Kong
  • A foldout mini-zine that gives you the information you need to start reading the cards
  • Presented in an embroidered canvas pouch, made in the Philippines.


  1. Liza Massey (verified owner)

    I only just realised you could leave reviews of deck purchases. This deck blew me away! As soon as I started to flick through it , I fell in love with it. The images speak to me- LOUD, and I’m excited by the images and feel the creator knew tarot to its deepest level. It has a luxurious feeling in the hand, and the cardstock is perfect for such a deck. Thrilled! – Liza

    • Beth

      Hurrah! Thanks for sharing your love for this deck Liza! So glad you’re enjoying it.

  2. mikalauskyte.monika (verified owner)

    Beautiful deck. Love the design and quotes on every single minor arcana card, for me its a great help because I just recently started learning Tarot. Also very quick delivery and such a nice packaging. Happy customer

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