Chinggay Labrador


Chinggay is an artist, teacher and tarot reader based in the Philippines.

She’s the creator of Practical Magic, a hub for her fun, accessible tarot decks, classes and resources (she covers astrology as well as tarot!)

She’s the creator of the Practical Magic Tarot, a colourful collaged deck, as well as the Pinoy Practical Magic Tarot, a Filipino pop-culture twist on her original deck. Dive in at, or follow Chinggay on IG @practical_magical.

On creating the Practical Magic Tarot…

The deck started as a creative exercise just for myself. I work as a freelance writer, but had a pretty stable retainer job that was slowly taking more and more of my time. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything creative anymore, so one night, I downloaded some of the collage kits at Rookie and did my own version of the tarot. I had so much fun with it, I finished in about five (sleepless) nights!

The files were taking up so much space in my hard drive that I uploaded them to the cloud and forgot about them. Months later, I was looking for some files and found my folder of tarot collages and thought, why not get them printed? My sample print was not the most polished but it felt amazing to hold the cards in my hands. I showed them to a friend / life coach and she told me to try selling them. That’s how it started!

Inspiration definitely came from Rookie’s aesthetic, which resonates strongly with me as it’s very DIY, zine-like. I grew up in the 90s so I have a soft spot for collage.

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