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Please note that there are two of us working part time and it may take a few days to get back to you. When you email you will receive an automatic response which contains answers to some common questions – please read it! This information is also provided below.

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If your enquiry is about shipping, delivery times, tracking, missing parcels or my refunds/returns policy: please visit this page – it’s very likely your answer is here.

Below are answers to some other very common questions.

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Where is my tracking number?

If you paid for tracking on a recent order, your tracking number will be available a day or two after your package has shipped, because I have to go back to the post office to retrieve it for you. You should receive your tracking number via an automated email. If you don’t see this, it will be available on your account page. Note that if you did not choose tracked shipping, your order will ship via Royal Mail/Standard Air Mail and there is no tracking number.

When will my item ship?

In-stock items are normally shipped within three days of ordering. If you’ve had no notification, firstly please check your spam folder. Your order status is also available on your account page.

Please check that your order does not contain a back-order – if it does, your package will ship as soon as the back-ordered product is back in stock. If you are wondering when this will be, please check the product page for your item. Wherever possible I update product pages with the expected shipping date.

How much is shipping to [my country]?

Shipping costs are here.

Shipping is flat rate (same price, any order size) and can be tracked or non tracked.

What does ‘available on back-order’ mean?

This means that the item is not currently in stock, but will be in stock soon. Back-ordering allows you to reserve a copy of my next batch of this item. Your package will ship as soon as the item arrives (unless your order contains other out-of-stock items.)

I would like plain packaging on my order.

No problem, simply leave a note at checkout!

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Are you going to stock [this awesome deck]?

Hop on my #Decklust list and you’ll be the first to hear about any new goodies coming to the LRT Shop!

I would like my creation to be stocked in the Little Red Tarot Shop.

Cool! I curate this shop with a lot of love and care. Please tell me why you feel your deck is a good fit for my shop and send pictures or a link, and let me know your wholesale terms. I work with a very limited budget and can only bring in so many new items at a time. Where my budget is stretched, I will always prioritise items created by marginalised people (including people of colour and LGBTQ+ folks).