Recommended Readers

I am not currently offering tarot readings. If you’d like to seek an alternative reader, below are some of my recommendations.

Please note I have not had a personal reading from every person listed below, but through working in this community for many years I trust their work and ethos by reputation.

Also note that, like my own, these readers’ capacity for offering tarot readings waxes and wanes. Not every reader on this list will be offering readings at this moment.

Key: Q = queer or LGB | T = trans | GQ = genderqueer or non-binary | POC = person of colour

Siri at Northern Lights Witch | Q

Artemisia Solstice | Q, GQ

Asali @ Asali Earthwork | Q, POC

Carly Boyce @ Tiny Lantern Tarot | Q, GQ

Casey Wait | Q, GQ

Casey Zabala @ Wander’s Tarot

Cassandra Snow | Q

Chinggay Labrador @ Practical Magic | POC

Dacia Holliday @ High Moon Femme | Q, POC

Kelly-Ann Maddox

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha | Q, POC

Marianne @ Two Sides Tarot

Melissa Cynova

Noel Arthur Hiempel | Q, GQ

Rash @ Stay Woke Tarot | POC

Siobhan Rene @ Radical Tarot | Q, POC

Theresa Reed @ The Tarot Lady