Way of the Panda Tarot: Baby Panda Edition


Discover the Way of the Panda: A gorgeous, pocket-sized, whimsical tarot filled with watercolour pandas, created by Kimberley Tsan.

Baby edition

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Way of the Panda is a Rider-Waite-inspired deck, reimagining tarot archetypes through the perspective of pandas, vivid scenes of nature, and elements of magical realism. Creator Kimberly Tsan and the pandas from the Panda Kingdom will show you how to walk the adorable Way of the Panda and just how panda-tastic your life can be!

Guidebook, bag and reading cloth also available. Find all of the Way of the Panda Tarot decks and accessories here.

The baby Way of the Panda Tarot comes with 79 cards printed on 58 x 88mm, 350gsm high quality cardstock with smooth matte lamination – all tucked into a lovely top-down box. The deck features a brand new 79th card, “Fairy Godpanda”, a cherry blossom pink cover, and a little UV gloss printing to give it an extra panda shine!!

Please note this smaller deck does not come with an instruction guide inside the box, but a digital guide is included with every purchase.

Created by Kimberly M Tsan, and illustrated by Celia Libelle.


  • 79-card tarot deck, with cards measuring 58 x 88mm, printed on 350gsm cardstock, with smooth matte lamination
  • Presented in a sturdy two-piece keepsake box
  • Digital instruction guide (PDF, sent as a download link with your order confirmation.)


  1. Emma Howard (verified owner)

    Absolutely Stunning !!! These are also the cutest cards I’ve ever seen. Highly recommended !!

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