Kimberly M. Tsan


Kim is an illustrator, tarot nerd and panda lover living in Canada.

She’s the creator of the Way of the Panda Tarot deck and guidebook.

She’s also the genius behind the Spread Machine Cards + Oracle. Check out Kim’s detailed guide to how to use this unique deck to create your own custom spreads for all kinds of questions and occasions.

Visit out Kim’s brilliant website Fables Den, where she offers a range of fun and accessible tarot courses and resources!

Kim’s literary approach to tarot…

I was an English literature major back in university. I studied Shakespeare, poetry, and various genres of contemporary literature. (My favourite was and still is fantasy literature, hehe!) Long story short – I was in love with unpacking ideas that were expressed through the actions of a character, through imagery & symbolism, through theme, and through the general wonderworkings of fiction – and then seeing how those ideas relate to me and the way I see the world.

And as I observed the similarities between the system of tarot and the study of literature, it was kind of a no-brainer that I ended up applying my nerdy & literary tendencies to reading tarot cards. I’ve always thought that the process of reading tarot cards is kind of like reading poetry. You savour a poem by allowing yourself to be touched by it. You allowed yourself to enter its space-time and drop, landing softly at its core.

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