Precious Panda Paw Pouch


A quality canvas draw string bag to keep your tarot cards safe.

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Give your Way of the Panda Tarot Deck a “sweater” to make sure it stays cozy and warm.

Printed on 5.5 x 7 inches high quality canvas with black ink and strings – with original illustration and design by Celia Libelle + Kim.

Deck, guidebook, and reading cloth also available! Find all of the Way of the Panda Tarot accessories here.

You can also use this bag to…

  • store your spiritual trinkets, mystical doodads and crystals
  • store your other decks that are in need of a warm canvas blanket and the touch of a precious panda paw
  • store your makeup, your cellphone, your stationary, or anything that needs storing – hey, it’s a pouch. You can put whatever you want in it!

Additional information

Cord colour

Green cord, White cord


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