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Personal Space Tarot


A friendly, accessible tarot deck ideal for quiet personal readings and exploration, created by Emilee Graverson.


These soft, simple, hand-drawn tarot cards reimagine traditional Rider-Waite-Smith imagery in a modern illustrative style.

This deck has a lovely, cosy warmth to it; it’s friendly, approachable, with hidden depths. Sparse use of colour and symbolism creates a deck that is accessible for all to use. Complete with a handmade zine explaining the cards’ meanings.

Read more about this deck in this interview with creator and illustrator Emilee Graverson!


  • 78 full-colour tarot cards following standard system. Cards are 2.75” × 4.75” (70 × 120mm) and are printed on 300gsm stock.
  • Complete with small handmade booklet printed on recycled kraft paper describing deck and card meanings.
  • Simple cotton drawstring bag (exclusive to Little Red Tarot) and blue tuckbox (see below).
  • Personal Space Tarot sticker.

Please note: The blue tuck box supplied with this deck has small imperfections (scratches where the decks have rubbed together in transit, example here). The cards inside are in perfect condition. We will supply a simple cotton bag with this deck to make up for the imperfect tuckbox! We have requested replacement decks from the creator. Please let us know in the order notes if you would prefer to wait for these to arrive and receive a perfect box, rather than receive the deck with a cotton bag.


  1. Asali

    I think I’ll write what I noted to day. I’m finding this deck to be surprisingly direct for the most part. I thought it would be more abstract and up in the air but it reads with an almost tangible directness. For both small and large spreads I can almost feel the cards’ comforting pat on my shoulder or the warning twinge of a pinch. While some cards do leave me with a frown of confusion, I do enjoy leaning into that confusion to search out the piece that that inevitably makes the card connect. My one real criticism would be the LWB- I’ve gotten used to indie decks doing much more than the usual LWB but I suppose that’s not a fair requirement to authors and artists with less resources than large publishing houses. So really, can’t hold that all the way against it.

    Bottom line, this is a lovely, intuitive deck. If you are at all drawn to this art style, you should try it.

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