Melanade Stand’s Tarot


Melanade Stand’s Tarot is Black and Brown Girl Magic Personified and reclaimed! A photographic deck filled with Women of Colour, by Fontaine Felisha Foxworth.

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Melanade Stand’s Tarot™ is the world’s very first non-illustrated, photographed classic tarot card deck entirely inspired by Women of Colour, re-imagined through the eyes and spirit of Fontaine Felisha Foxworth, a WOC on her journey to integrating her higher self.

Melanade Stand’s Tarot celebrates and embraces the beauty and diversity of brown and black women, as every card is art directed to emphasize the core, sacred energetic messages of tarot – with a modern brown girl spin. Modelled on Pamela Colman Smith’s classic tarot illustrations, Melanade Stand’s Tarot carves a space for women of colour in an arena that has been historically barred from our cultures. 

Your purchase also includes a 64-page illustrated digital guidebook (sent as a download link with your order confirmation). This rich and guide offers interpretations for every card along with full proiject credits and suggestions for working with your deck.

Created by Felisha Fontaine Foxworth. Photographs by artist, Kehinde Wiley’s photographer, Bradley Ogbonna.


  • 78 tarot cards with colour photographs of women of colour
  • Deck presented in a small burgundy velvet pouch
  • 64-page PDF guidebook (sent as a download link with your order confirmation)

Printed in Florida, USA.


  1. Kate

    I have given this deck as a gift and have my own which is a treasure. It’s so beautiful with such a warm and joyful energy – It’s clear this was a labor of love and a creative project made in community. I would highly recommend getting this one.

  2. Tori

    I have this deck, it was my first and I love it! I only use it for me because I connect with seeing these beautiful Black women and the guidebook that accompanies it is spot on and real. It’s deeper meanings can be defined and left up to you at the same time. She talks like me, a black man woman. I follow the creator & I’m super proud to see her listed on this website. BUY THIS DECK!

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