A tarot spread for holidays, trips & vacations

“Going anywhere nice?”

It’s summertime! Despite terrifying floods, heatwaves, wildfires and/or droughts, oh – and a pandemic – I know some of us are managing to get away for a few days or longer. So here’s a holiday/vacation tarot spread I shared yeaaarrrrs ago on the old community blog.

The six cards of this spread see you through planning and packing for your holiday, heading off, and returning home with a souvenir or memory. If you’re lucky enough to be taking a vacation this summer, try it the night before your trip!

Holiday tarot spread

Lay the cards in a circle, starting at the top (card 1) and moving clockwise:

  1. Your spirit in going
    How do you feel about this trip, or how are you hoping to feel?
  2. What to pack
    This could be a physical thing, or a question, issue or problem you’d like to work on.
  3. What not to pack
    You can leave this behind/forget about it for this trip.
  4. The spirit of the holiday
    What’s the vibe of your trip?
  5. Highlight of the holiday
    Something to look out for, a possible surprise!
  6. A souvenir
    Something to keep hold of after your trip.