#Decklust | Witchy wonderfulness for deep winter

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Hello you.

It’s winter alright. December, mis Rhagfyr in Welsh, has landed with bright frosty mornings and a warmer, woolier scarf. A cathartic sobbing sing, a bundled-up beach picnic, an outpouring of grief, flashes of sunshine that cut to the heart in the very best way.

Super special gifts

Want to send a really special gift to a really special person? If you’ve bought from LRT before you’ll know we wrap your goodies beautifully in tissue and brown paper, and include postcards, tarot cards and other cute additions – not to mention the perennial heart stickers. We love hand-writing your personal notecards, too!

There’s no extra charge for gifting – just leave a note at checkout if you’f like us to include a card, and we’ll make it super special and send it direct to your loved one :)



Oh my. Flying our way still hot from the press comes Natasha Khan (aka Bat For Lashes)’s gorgeous oracle, suffused with the energy of the dark feminine, the divine hag, the creative force deep within you. (I’m also enjoying the 70s vibes.) Can’t wait to snuggle up with this deck and a pot of mugwort tea. Available to order now – shipping next week as soon as they land.

Many Moons Lunar Planners

As always these have flown out, but we still have a handful left in stock! Many Moons is a luxurious, chunky diary-come-astro-almanac filled with rituals and reflections from a diverse collective of rad witches, with plenty of space for your own planning, dreaming and reflecting.

Future Ancestor Tarot

Alexa Villanueva’s beautiful tarot is almost monochrome…save for the real foliage, worked subtly into these images painted in sumi ink. A very, very special deck.

“Slowly, I noticed the more I painted, the lighter the weight of grief felt with each stroke. On my piece of paper, the shape of a praying woman began to form. In front of her, a small grave. But I knew something was missing… something that resembled life. … I went outside, found a stem with two leaves, and knew instantly that this was the missing piece.”

Goodbye, Hele!

I actually can’t believe I’m writing this and I’m not sure what to say. After six (SIX!!) years, LRT’s beloved assistant Hele, aka Best Shop Person Eva, is moving on. It’s right for her, it’s right for me, and so it must be – but that doesn’t make it easy. As you’ll know if you’ve ever emailed with a question or concern – Hele is the absolute best.

She’s shared a message to you all here – do take a read ?

Goodbye*, beloved Hele! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for six years of massive LOLs, box-shuffling, tech-wrangling and real, true witnessing and support in the crucible that is creating and running a small business. I love you.

* Hele is my closest friend, my neighbour and my fam! So for me, not so much a goodbye as the end of a wonderful era.

Bits & Bobs

  • The Last Fool is a tarot-themed film by Ernest Anenome, to be used in dialogues countering the rise of far-right extremism and hate. It’s crowdfunding now!
  • The Game of Life… but make it Queer.
  • Inspired to write your own personal essays? Mar Grace has a class for that, starting very soon. Talking of personal essays, here’s one I love, by my old pal Rudy J Graves.
  • Charlie Burgess has just started Queerly Devoted, a newsletter exploring devotion to queerness.
  • If you’re an experienced facilitator interested in non-canonical, feminist performance/art, check out the School of Disobedience.
  • ‘Tis the time of year to watch Sorry We Missed You and remind yourself of everything that’s wrong with the gig economy. There’s no such thing as free shipping, friends! Someone is always paying.

Free Palestine!

A ceasefire cannot end the heartbreak, it won’t end the unbearable loss of Palestinian and Jewish lives. The genocide we are witnessing is rooted in decades old, British-initiated occupation and the false narrative that for Israelis to be safe, Palestinians must be unsafe.

Some resources:

Here is my Angry High Priestess. Sometimes all the grief and rage feels like too much to bear – the grief and rage of our divided world, the grief and rage I carry in my own body. Is grief and rage the new normal? Or is it just that we are finally learning how to talk about it? Angry HP has been holding a space for me to get close to my anger, to explore, experience and move it. It helps a lot.
Huge love to you, friend. Stay warm, stay present, breathe deeply, pull a card if you need one. Remember you are perfect, whole and enough, just as you are.


Beth x

PS, next year’s garlic says hi :)