#Decklust | New decks for autumn, & Many Moons planners

Hello you.

It’s October, or Hydref, here in Wales. The darkness stretchs out its arms and claims a little more of each passing day. Flocks of geese call out as they return to the river Dyfi for the cold season.
Death and decay are in the air. I harvest rosehips for syrup and vinegar, and draw cards from the Ancestral Healing Tarot, pondering the months to come.


Tarot of the Cosmic Seed

Hot off the press and well worth the wait, the new edition of Lalania Simone’s Tarot of the Cosmic Seed is here! These vibrant images have been created with digital collage techniques, giving them an ancient-yet-modern feel, blending mystical symbolism and down to earth human experience.

Shitty Horoscopes Anthology

In 2016, illustrator Amrit Brar began publishing a zine called Shitty Horoscopes, which gained a cult following for it’s pithy snippets of mean astrological advice. They’re now collected in a fancy, black-paged hardback book (an excellent halloween gift if that’s your thing!)

Portable Fortitude Cards

It’s an oldie but a goodie! Corina Dross’s wry and ingenious playing card/oracle deck offers protection spells against all manner of ills, from heartbreak to binaries, self-sabotage to the US of A. This was one of the first decks we ever sold, I’m delighted to have it back on the shelves :)

Many Moons Lunar Planner

Before you ask… the answer’s yes! We’ve now opened pre-orders on Sarah Gottesdiener’s ever-popular lunar planner – an annual collaboration filled with rituals, spells and suggestions for a year lived in tune with the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and all the important astrology of 2024.


Future Ancestor Tarot

Sometimes I stumble across a tarot deck and think – how have I been missing you? Created by artist and potter Alexa Villanueva, the Future Ancestor Tarot is soft, minimal, handpainted tarot is a love letter to those that came before us, and the ancestors we each will become. It’s a delight, and I’m excited to welcome Alexa and her deck to our small family.


Where are my fellow Bat for Lashes fans? And have you heard? Natasha Khan is publishing a witchy and wonderful oracle deck rooted in the dark feminine…and we willl indeed be stocking it. #EXCITED

Motherwitch is due out in November – you can sign up here to be notified as soon as it’s available.

Bits & bobs

Tea, creator of the Black Gold Lenormand, is creating Grandma Baby’s 52 Blues, a new playing card deck in tribute to the blues that make up Black life…

Nicole Rose of the Solidarity Apothecary just launched an in-depth course on herbalism and PTSD.

Numinous Tarot creator Cedar McCloud is busy at work on the Magic Pantry Tarot – you can watch their lovely videos here!

And me? I’m busy getting my head around a new era of structure and discipline – not exactly familiar concepts for me these days! But I’m quietly relishing the challenge of designing of morning routines I’ll actually stick to (I mean, who doesn’t want to breathe, stretch and dance before they hit the books? So why, why in the name of all that is holy is it so hard to do?) and making a start on assignments weeks before their deadlines (okay, I’ve started one). Go me. And go you, fellow mature students! We’ve got this!

Thank you for being here, friend. Whether or not your morning routine is wholesome and good (and whether or not you give a shit) just know that you are enough, exactly as you are.

Big autumn love,

Beth x