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Hey, friend.

September rolls in on misty mornings that give way to warm, bright days and evenings with a faint nip in the air. That Piscean supermoon gave everybody strange and portentous dreams.

It’s been a time for beach trips and drag shows, the beginnings of a new queer poetry group, coffee on the street. And I’m back to school this week, complete with new notebook (and a stethoscope!)

* New things *

Ancestral Healing Tarot

…Sometimes to better go forward, you need to go back. This deck seeks to connect you to a future in which you already belong, a past that cherishes you and a present that holds you firm in its arms.

A beautiful new deck from artist and healer Elia Fushi Bekene (and published by the lovely Zoe at Flower Press). Through careful collaging of found historical images, the Ancestral Healing Tarot reimagines tarot through the lens of intergenerational healing and coming home. Pre-orders are now open and we’re expecting the decks later this month!

Magical Nature Tarot

Another collage deck, this one completely different in style. Using handmade paper coloured with botanical and mineral dyes, artist Marjorie Morgan has built a richly textured deck with an earthy, vibrant colour palette. Printed on eco herbage paper, it feels wonderful in the hands, too.

Dreaming the World to Come Planner

Rebekah Erev and Nomy Lamm are two of the most gorgeous people in the witchy queer community, and each year they join forces to curate and create this beautiful lunar planner and dream journal.

Rooted in Jewish tradition, designed for all to use, it offers guidance and support for integrating spiritual practice into your day to day life, using tools from Jewish lineage, from the seasons and cycles of the earth, from radical queer community, and from your own sacred body.

Show some l.o.v.e!

Want to support your favourite queer-owned and operated micro-tarot-business? Leave a review! Simply head over to the shop, find your favourite deck (could be one you’ve got recently or one you’ve had for years) and let us know what you love about it.

This really helps fellow tarot-lovers to find the decks they’ll connect with, plus it makes us feel great! I send the best reviews on to the creators too :)

Bits & bobs

Wild Chorus | The very wonderful Corina Dross and sister Jocelyn Mosser – AKA Abacus Corvus – are crowdfunding their beautiful oracle deck, Wild Chorus. Yes, we’ll be stocking it next year when it’s published!

WORT Journal | Herbalists and plantfolks, here’s one for you – a new journal, created by my good friend Leo, exploring our relationship to plants (I’m a contributor!) Issue one is crowdfunding now.

Take care, friends. Enjoy the equinox, keep doing you, and know that you are enough – exactly as you are.

Thank you for being here <3

Beth x