The Alternative Tarot Course is here!

Note: This post is about a previous iteration of the Alternative Tarot Course in which I experimented with a live ‘community’ element. That iteration had a very small cohort of students and a community forum where we could meet and talk.

The current version of the course does not have this feature, making it self-paced and more affordable.

The Numinous Tarot

It’s finally here!

It is with great pride and excitement that I announce the launch of the new Alternative Tarot Course.

Registration is open now!

  • Welcome week begins Monday 16th September.
  • Class begins Sun 22nd September.

Cost: $275. Sliding scale options are available. (And if you’ve already taken an earlier version of this course, yes – a discount is available! Please reply to this email for the code.)

About the course

The Alternative Tarot Course has already guided thousands of tarot lovers into a deeper and more personal relationship with their cards. Forget about memorising meanings from a book or website – this is all about discovering our own ideas about what each card means, using the cards to frame and understand our own lives, our experiences, our choices.

Building on feedback from learners on the original course, I’ve spent this year revisiting and redesigning the entire programme.

As part of this course you will create:

  • A simple daily tarot practice.
  • A personal weekly tarot ritual.
  • Your own tarot journal.

The course includes:

  • Eight weekly chapters filled with exercises to help you dig into your deck.
  • Weekly workbooks to download and complete.
  • A cosy community forum where we can share our learning and support each other.
  • A new chapter: Tarot for Self-Care, along with updated exercises for other chapters.
  • Access to the Little Red Tarot Library of card interpretations.
  • Active facilitation from me – I’ll be hanging out in the class forum twice each week to geek out about tarot with you and offer support!

Interested? All the details are here.

Cost: $275. Sliding scale options are available.

  • Registration closes Sunday 15th September (or when the course is full – whichever is sooner!)
  • Welcome week begins Monday 16th September.
  • Class begins Sun 22nd September.
  • Class ends Sun 17th November, with one final week for wrapping up and goodbyes.

I know many of you have been waiting a long time for this, and I’m so proud to be launching it today. I can’t wait to share this tarot journey with you.


Beth x