Brexit: Update for EU customers

IN A NUTSHELL: The situation with UK-EU mailing is super chaotic at the moment – and only getting worse. To avoid the stress of lost or heavily delayed parcels, we have paused EU orders over the holiday period. We expect to re-open in the new year, when we have a clearer idea of the situation.

We completely understand this is really frustrating news, and sincerely apologise to all of you who are now unable to order the decks you want. We look forward to serving you again in the new year!

So this is Christmas – the 2020 remix.

All bets are on for whether there will be a UK/EU Brexit deal – and what the fresh hell will happen after 31st December. Quelle surprise. I apologise for our scheißekopf of a prime minister and the circus he calls a government – the poor dears only had, y’know, four and a half years.

Meanwhile, Wales is in lockdown, England isn’t, Scotland’s having a think about it, and about a million countries just closed their borders to the entire UK. As I write, there are thousands of freight lorries backed up who can’t get onto the continent, and our local Post Office won’t accept parcels destined for Europe (except Ireland).

I’ve been watching the situation unfold, drinking only a little more vin rouge than usual, trying to sort facts from speculation and work out the best way to serve our beloved customers over this chaotic period.

The sad news:

We have temporarily paused orders to most of the EU* until early (possibly mid) January. It’s safer and way less stressful if we all wait a few weeks for the current back-log to shift, and see what happens with Brexit, rather than facing frustrating delays, surprise customs bills, or lost/returned parcels.

* We are currently still shipping to Ireland.

Questions and answers

You can view your orders on your account page.

Will I have to pay Customs tax on future orders?  We actually don’t know yet what the new trade agreement will be (or if there will be one at all) – but it looks likely that UK-to-EU parcels will be subject to customs checks and bills.

What about my back-ordered item? If you have a back-order for the Spacious Tarot or any other out-of-stock item, please don’t worry. Your order is safe and your item/s will ship as soon as possible in the new year. These packages will be rated low value for Customs, so you will not receive a surprise bill! We will be in touch with you personally if there are further delays. You can also find our latest information on the product page.

Has my order shipped? If your order is marked ‘processing’, it has not yet shipped. If it is marked ‘complete’, it is on its way.

Where’s my tracking number? Tracking numbers are uploaded to your order page as soon as we receive them – you’ll also receive an email (though Gmail and other providers sometimes mark these as spam, so do check your spam folder too). As there are delays throughout the postal system, it may take several days for you to receive your tracking number.

I want to cancel my order. The simplest way to do this is via your account. Go to your order page and click ‘request to cancel’. This will place your order on hold, and next time we are working, we will cancel and refund.

When will you have [XYZ] in stock/back in stock? We update product pages with our latest information, so if there is no date here, this means we don’t yet know. You can enter your email address for a single one-off email notification when it’s available again.

If your question is not answered above, do get in touch. Hele and I are operating a much-reduced service over the holiday period, but we are here and checking emails a few times per week (it’s not like we’ve got anywhere else to be #lockdownxmas) Please quote your order number so we can help you quickly.

Thank you for understanding and bearing with us! We exist to celebrate and proliferate indie tarot goodness… but/and, there is a *situation* happening right now that is way beyond our control. Your patience and understanding is massively appreciated as we navigate.

Stay safe and well, mes amies. We love you.

Beth (and Hele)