The Bubblewrap Diaries: Lockdown listening

Welcome back to the Bubblewrap Diaries! A totally sporadic blog series about what we’re listening to while we cut up bubblewrap and wrap your parcels.

(Cutting up bubblewrap? Why on earth do we spend our time on this gloriously inefficient task, you ask? Because we have a strict no-new-plastic policy…)

Anyway, in ‘these uncertain times’ it’s just moi working in the shop – Hele’s doing customer service from home while I pack orders. This is prime audiobook-and-podcast time and I’ve really appreciated the chance to get more good stuff in my ears.

Here are some recent fave pods…

Growing up with gal-dem. Yay, gal-dem now has a podcast! Women and nonbinary POC talking about life and relationships and everything.

The New Intellectuals. Political conversations from progressive publisher Pluto Press (that’s a lot of p’s).

The Heart. A new discovery (thanks Caitlin), the Heart digs into personal stories at the intersections of social justice and self-care.

Today in Focus: The Guardian’s daily podcast explores the issues behind headlines, I’m finding it really helpful for digesting the endless pandemic news cycle.

Homoground: Perennial favourite, always on the list – discover new queer musicians!