#Decklust | Winter Magic, Many Moons & a Living Altar

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Hello friend,

Welcome to November. It’s absolutely freezing, our heating is broken, and last week the Little Red Tarot website decided to take a li’l winter nap (read: it crashed – sorry everyone! We’re back up and running again now.)

Let’s talk about something that’s actually going well! And no I don’t mean my “drag career” (see below) – I’m talking about stocking our shelves with magical goodies for cosy winter nights in :)

Here’s the latest…

Many Moons Lunar Planner

Sarah Gottesdiener’s cult planner is back for 2023! Pre-orders are open now if you’d like to reserve your copy – we expect them in stock and shipping out early December. (In the EU? Rashunda Tramble – everybody’s favourite tarot reader – will be stocking them too!)

Dirt Gems Oracle

One for the herbalists and lovers of plant-magic, this colourful oracle deck, complete with a full-sized guidebook, is a collaboration between Chelsea Iris Granger and Anne Louise Burdett.

Tarot of the Cosmic Seed

Lalania Simone’s vibrant deck draws on mystical symbolism from cultures around the world. Using digital collage techniques, Lalania blends dreamlike images with cosmic landscapes to create a tarot for otherwordly readings.

Living Altar Oracle

Back after far too long a break, this is one of my personal favourites. The Living Altar is a queer map of nature’s rhythms, and an oracle deck of magical resistance for the radical witch, created by Ylva Mara Radziszewski & Kiki Robinson.

Bits & bobs…

Astrologer Diana Rose Harper (one half of the team behind the beautiful Rosebud Tarot) just launched By Jove, a four-week course exploring our relationship with Jupiter, the ‘great benefactor’.

Waiting for news of Thea’s Tarot? We’re sooooo excited about the reprint! If you want updates about if and when it’s available, join the waitlist right over here – we’ll be doing pre-orders on this one once the print run is confirmed :)

Love the Numinous Tarot? You’ll be excited to hear that the wonderful Cedar McCloud is working on a new food-themed oracle deck, the Magic Pantry Oracle. You can get all the details on their blog.

It’s party season! Our good friend Penny turned 40, so Em and I dug out our best plaid shirts for a drag rendition of Lavender Fields’ ‘Ride Me Cowboy’ complete with wardrobe malfunctions and extra-long tofu weiners. Enjoy!

Stay cosy, friends. And if you need a reminder (and I definitely need it today) … you are enough, exactly as you are. Today and every day.

Big queer love,

Beth xx