#Decklust | Liminal Season: January news

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Hello lovely,

Brrrr. After the hectic season of end-of-year festivities and the January rush of birthdays comes this…the quiet freeze. A cold, liminal time. The slowly-returning light. The new shoots. The frosty mornings, with the silent sunrise and steaming breath, the promise of rebirth pushing through the death that composts all around us.

It’s such a gorgeous time of year. The life-affirming expansiveness of ice-cold dips and collapsing sweaty onto hilltops. The tease of grandma rhubarb’s hot pink return, the mysteries of poetry in the cave of my home, of dreaming into the year, of cosying with beloveds and root vegetable stew.

And tarot…of course! I’ve been enjoying Oli Thelassinos’ Marseille-inspired Talisman Tarot lately, whilst also leaning hard on my treasured Living Altar Oracle deck, with its seasonal spells and affirmations. How about you?

Thea’s Tarot

Pre-orders are now open for Ruth West’s classic lesbian tarot, Thea’s Tarot (my very favourite tarot). Metonymy Press are busy with the reprint, and we expect to be shipping in late spring.

The deck is beautifully queered and re-visioned by nonbinary writer Oliver Pickle in She Is Sitting in the Night.

Companion Cards

A beautiful deck of imaginitive prompts for dancers, movers, and anybody wishing to explore new ways of moving and different possibilities in their body.

I was lucky enough to study with creator Cai Tomos last year – he has a gift for teasing out the magic in our relationships with our bodies and our movements. These cards, developed from his explorations of the mysterious language of the body, make beautiful companions for solo creative practice, and are also wonderful for group work.

2020 Visions Tarot

For reasons far beyond our ken, this collectible majors-only deck from Kaleidadope creator Krystal Banner reached us two years after publication (if that won’t teach me patience, nothing will.) So it gives me great pleasure to announce that ten copies of this witty tarot-ised take on the year that was 2020 is finally in store!

Rosebud Tarot (first edition)

This collaged beauty from Diana Rose Harper and Amanda Lee Sitwell has been picked up by Wieser Books and will be and will be mainstream-published later this year. We still have a few first editions left in store for those who (like us) have a soft spot for self-published decks!

Coming soon…

Fat Folks Tarot

An exciting re-print for 2023, the Fat Folks Tarot is a collaborative deck featuring many fabulous artists and colourful, joyful body diversity. HELL YES! We’re honoured to be the UK stockist of this long-awaited second printing – you can sign up for updates right over here.


“I press my bones against the earth, thick with night. I embrace the steadfast illumination of my crystalline core. I find honesty in my boundaries. I celebrate with reverence the cutting of cords. I grieve in celebration of organic completion. I trust in those places where I remain unsettled. In death, my magic remains a resource to the relationships of my life.”

From the Living Altar Oracle Deck by Kiki Robinson & Ylva Marzanna Radziszewski.

I just turned 41. What a wonderfully odd year since the last one, when I committed myself to the nonsense of dance, not knowing what that meant. I still don’t – what’s grown is my love of nonsense. Emerging into late winter, returning alone to my spiritual home, taking first steps into projects I’ve dreamed for a while… I have no idea who I am any more, and that feels like the truest thing.

One thing I do know for sure, though, is that I am plenty enough, just as I am. And I know that you are too.

Big love for this liminal season, keep doing you.

Beth x