Cai Tomos

he/him (fo/fe)

I am a Cisgender, queer, welsh speaking artist.

My work in its essence is about movement,  in all it forms. I tend to move between different art forms that reflect different aspects of my practice, but at the core I’m interested in the imagination, and its relationship to our bodies. Im interested in healing and health too, and how the arts help us to find what we often don’t know we were looking for.

The arts give us a way to speak our own language that often has no words, but it’s our own unique way of expressing ourselves in the world. Im interested in community, and how the arts support togetherness, a way of being together that is a force for good. 

I believe in transformation. The extraordinary and every day ordinary  transformations that the arts can support us with. I feel the creative spirit is in everyone, it may come out in dancing, cooking, poetry, organising your kids pack lunch, drawing, helping your neighbour or gardening.

In a way I’m interested in what makes us feel alive. My work involves being with others and looking for that aliveness in whatever small or Large way it shows up.I have worked in Care homes, Theatres, psychiatric Hospital, living rooms of peoples’ houses,  street corners. I work one to one with people in hospital in bed, by work I mean, we find ways of being together where curiosity has the space to emerge as it want to.

We humans are interdependent creatures, we need each other, for our individual and collective growth.

Cai’s website is, and he is also on Facebook.

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