Thea’s Tarot


A new printing of Ruth West’s lesbian feminist tarot, first published in 1984.

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Thea’s Tarot is a feminist and lesbian classic. Self-published by Ruth West in 1984, it has at long last been reprinted by Metonymy Press, in collaboration with the artist. These striking paper-cut images show images of diverse women of different colours, cultures and shapes. Some major cards have been re-named, and the court cards are named Child, Amazon, Daughter and Mother.

This deck makes a great companion to She Is Sitting in the Night: Revisioning Thea’s Tarot by Oliver Pickle – a queer and inclusive tarot guidebook which uses Thea’s Tarot as a reference.

About this new edition:

Ruth West took four years to create the first edition of Thea’s Tarot (1984), using the medium of papercut. Each image was then shot with a camera, photocopied in black and white, and printed. The artist described her work as “a women’s vision of the tarot deck … a personal interpretation of traditional tarot themes of human spiritual history.” Thea’s Tarot was inspired by Billie Potts’s A New Women’s Tarot.

The original printing decks have finally almost run out, and Metonymy Press has been granted permission by Ruth to reprint Thea’s Tarot.

The 2018 edition is very much like the original, and comes with the same 1-page instructional pamphlet. The 78-card deck has Ruth’s signature design on the back of each card, and the images are black and white reproductions of Ruth’s original papercut prints.

– Metonymy Press

NOTE: Faithful to the original 80s printing, this deck has a mis-spelling of ‘Hierophant’. In this deck it is spelled ‘Hierphant’.


  • 78-card tarot deck
  • Brief instructional one-page pamphlet written by Ruth West
  • Everything comes together in a simple drawstring bag (exclusive to Little Red Tarot)
  • Note: The card decks come from the printer in a simple white tuck-box, however these often have small bumps or creases from transit. We include the cotton bag as a much nicer and longer-lasting way to keep your cards warm and safe!


  1. Sandrine (verified owner)

    Very good vibrations with this deck .. good feeling in hand and very pleasant, the illustrations simple and very speaking .. the cardstock is soft and makes you want to manipulate it, the feminist vision of the Tarot Thea’s is very interesting and makes you want to dig a little more the vision of the author.
    I think I will soon get the book she is sitting in the night, to have a deeper vision of this great deck .

    * sorry for my poor english..

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