The Living Altar Oracle Deck


An oracle deck of magical resistance for the radical witch, created by Ylva Mara Radziszewski & Kiki Robinson.

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Created by Ylva Mara Radziszewski & Kiki Robinson, The Living Altar Oracle Deck is a living grimoire with each card a charged spell.

With this deck we have built an altar of the seasons, the phases of the moon, the stations of the sun, the journey of life, and have made a holy embodiment of our most sacred relationship with the elements. Each card has been blessed with the elements and infused with spells to empower your inherent magic. You are welcomed to use each card as a focal point for your spell crafting and meditations, as well as an aid in skill set  development. We also encourage you to engage these oracle cards as you would any divinatory tool to enhance your intuitive readings. The Living Altar Oracle Deck is a guide to The Witches Wheel and is intended to serve as both a tutelary and divinatory aide for the curious observer of Witching Ways, the novice Witch, seasoned practitioners, and the weathered Witches among us.

Deck Details: The Living Oracle deck is made up of 52 oracle cards, with 14 additional spell cards. Each card is 4X6″, which makes them great for altar and spell work, while still being comfortable to use for divinatory reading. The deck is being printed by a very reputable printer on heavyweight 400 GSM paper (the heaviest they offer), has a luscious silk lamination, and matte red edging. The deck backs also include a special spot gloss. The deck comes with a full guidebook, which will acquaint you with the cards and their intend meanings, provide direction on how to work with the deck, and provide guidance for spell work in which the cards can be used. Both the deck and book are housed in a custom heavyweight deck box.

More details:

The Deck is Divided into 3 Narrative Arcs that guide you thru The Witches Wheel; with each arc containing spelled cards to help you identify context for your inquiry or workings and indications on where to draw power from (or send power to) in order to make ritual and purpose from your inquiry. 

1st Narrative Arc – Cosmic Source Cards: Elemental Origins & Natural Cycles 

This arc includes spelled cards representing the Source, Elements, Seasons, Moon Phases, & Stations of the Sun. This Arc helps us find equilibrium and directionality.

2nd Narrative Arc – Life Path Cards: Phases of Life & Divine Intervention 

This arc includes spelled cards representing Phases of Life as Rites of Passage, paired with the Seasonal Points of Power (Conventional Wiccan Sabbaths) as concepts of Divine Intervention to draw power from. The spells of this arc are Rebirth & Emergence, Childhood & Promise, Adolescence & Catalyst, Young Adult & Celebration, Adult & Abundance, Midlife & Generosity, Elderhood & Soul Harvest, Death & Solitude. This Arc helps us identify context, healing, and access to universal power in creating ritual & reflections for our inquiries.

3rd Narrative Arc – Everyday Magic Cards : The Elemental Magic of Practical Moments 

This arc includes spelled cards representing the dance of the elements within and thru one another. This dance honors daily opportunities for us to remember and draw upon our relationships with our altar, the spirits, and Witch. The spells of this arc carry us thru the elements within the elements and teach us about the magic of subtlety and nuanced relationship. The spells in this arc are divided into elemental suits. The Earth of Earth – Boundaries, Air of Earth – Identity, Fire of Earth Relationship, Water of Earth – Resource. The Air of Air – Inspiration, Fire of Air – Creativity, Water of Air – Intention, Earth of Air – Choice. The Fire of Fire – Transformation, Water of Fire – Cleansing, Earth of Fire – Ritual, Air of Fire – Creation. The Water of Water – Expression, Earth of Water – Council, Air of Water – Ancestor, Fire of Water – Initiation.


  1. Hannah James (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh. I just received this deck and book and it’s so rich! The first page of the book had me in tears – it’s all about witchcraft and community and inclusion and integrity and it just made everything I do make a little bit more sense!
    The cards themselves are beautiful and feel very charged and full of meaning. If I had one slight complaint it would be that they are so big that they are pretty hard to shuffle and will require quite a big space for spreads, but it feels like I’ll use this deck differently to tarot and other oracle cards anyway so maybe it won’t be a problem. My eyes definitely enjoy gazing at the big images!
    Thanks Little Red Tarot for finding this amazing deck.

  2. Donna (verified owner)

    The cards are beautiful – large with abstract yet evocative imagery. I use them both on their own and as an addition to tarot spreads. They really do feel special. I don’t use the 14 spell cards as I can’t see how they’d fit into my practice, but I imagine others will delight in them. The only thing I’m not a big fan of is the guidebook – despite being chunky and well bound, it looks clinical and a bit naff like a user manual for cheap electronics. It’s so plain and cold, and there’s a lack of attention to detail – the wheel diagram that you see on the product page on Little Red Tarot is also in the book, but it’s so low resolution that it’s hard to read (there’s a spelling error in it too). I’d rather the budget went into the deck than the book every time, but this book could have used a bit more care and attention.

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