The Living Altar

The Living Altar is a collaboration between Ylvadroma Marzanna Radziszewski (they/them/she/her) and Kiki Robinson (they/them/she/her), queer, femme witches and decendents of the diaspora.

Read more about their work together at Living Altar, or find them on Instagram @thelivingaltar.

The Living Altar as a tool and practice of devotion

Built from the conjuring of our Oracle Deck and woven from our blood, tears, and laughter… The Living Altar is a growing resource for the Radical Witch. As queer, femme witches and descendants of the diaspora, we seek to embody a faithless devotion.

The work of the Witch is to disrupt. Our commitment is to embolden the integrity, power, grace, and will of radical witchcraft.  We see the work of the modern witch to divest from and dismantle colonial, cis/het, white supremacy from our altars and our magics. Through our Oracle Decks, one on one work, and weekly Altar Services we seek to empower the relentless kindness of your craft.

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