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Hello you :)

Warmth! Sunshine! Life! Ahhhh, yes. The year is finally hotting up, the days are getting lovely and long, in a few weeks it will be Beltane. I am down at the allotment each morning with a cuppa, watching old friends pushing their way back up for a new season of medicine and magic.

Meanwhile, if you’re seeking a new tarot deck to accompany you into the brighter months, look no further – we have several newbies on the shelves, along with a few older items on sale as we have a bit of a spring clean!

The Spacious Tarot

It’s back! There’s something about a tarot that simply doesn’t contain human figures that leaves a special kind of space for your own intuition, your own stories. Annie Ruygt’s images are welcoming and immersive, whilst Carrie Mallon’s guidebook will help you get the most from your deck.

Already own the Spacious Tarot? We also have a small number of Expansion Packs to extend your deck and enrich your readings.

NEW! Zeke’s Arcana

One for the explorers of sexy, psychedelic otherworlds (and isn’t that all of us, deep down?) Zeke’s hot-pink tarot deck is filled with colourful beings who are excited to guide you into their strange and sensual galaxy. Complete with a helpful guidebook, this is a top-quality deck with heavy cardstock, a lovely large box, and matte pink edging.

SALE! Dark Days Tarot

Wren McMurdo Brignac’s monochrome tarot is inspired by the phases of the moon. The Dark Days tarot has square cards, allowing for multi-directional readings. Available here with 25% off!

Spring cleaning

We’ve been spring cleaning and uncovered some forgotten gems in dusty old boxes! All available with a discount:

The Herbal Homestead Journal
A beautiful journey through the year with practical information about herbal medicine making and taking.

Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comic Anthology
Joamette Gill’s two collections feature the fabulous stories of queer witches of colour seizing their power and making some serious magic.

Nature Magic Oracle
Kristen’s deck is based on changing states in the natural world and can be used to ask questions like, “What is the true state of this relationship?” or “What’s going on in this environment?”

Bits & bobs

A tarot themed drag night! In Cambrige!

Craving embodiment? Artist, activist and healer Rebekah Erev is offering reduced-rate somatic coaching for a limited time. (If you don’t know Rebekah, let me tell you they are one of the most beautiful souls on this earth.)

Queer ecology! Kes Otter Lieffe and Anja Van Geert collaborated over their Queer Animals and Queer Plants zines, which have now been combined into one beautiful big colouring book :D

Genvieve Barber Turner’s crowdfund for the Haunted Appelachia tarot deck has 6 days to go…

Seeking a tarot reader? May I recommend Zurich-based Rashunda Tramble of Stay Woke Tarot?

As for me – these days I’m mostly stuck indoors revising for May’s exams (anatomy is haaaardddd), but still finding time to dig and dance and clown and forage. A trip to Georgia topped up the love-tank, a friend’s gorgeous coming-out party inspired the performer in me, and next week’s comedy festival (the event of the year in this small Welsh town) will no doubt blow out the last of winter’s cobwebs.

Enjoy this fertile season, friend! And thank you for being here.

You are wonderful. You are wanted. You are enough.

Beth xx