#Decklust | Tarot for high summer

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Hello you,

Whooshhh… summer. Beaches and barbecues and nights when the sun just won’t seem to set. Sweet sweet sweetpeas, poetry and festivals… oof. I love it all …and sometimes it’s just a bit much and I wanna nestle in with a mugwort tea and do myself a li’l reading. Know what I mean?

Thea’s Tarot is here!

It’s been a long wait, but Thea’s Tarot, Ruth West’s 1984 papercut tarot – filled with womxn, lesbians, queers and dykes – is back on our shelves after a second reprint by Toronto’s Metonymy Press.

The Mushroom Oracle

A side-project of hip weed mag Brocolli, the Mushroom Oracle draws on the intelligence of mycelium, the forest, mushroom people, and fungal structures. With collaged illustrations by Bethany van Rijswijk.

Feldman Sisters Tarot

I love this surreal street-art tarot from Ukranian artits Nicole and Michel Feldman, twin sisters who have been painting murals and graffiti on the walls of Kyiv buildings for many years.


Zeke’s Arcana

It’s back! Thanks for your patience – our small first batch sold out like hot pink lightening from outer space but now Julia Rich’s psychedelic tarot is on its way back to our shelves. Expected next week, available to pre-order now.

Meet the artist

Julia Rich – the prolific creatrix behind Zeke’s Arcana – shares a peek into her life in Melbourne and gets into why she’s focusing on diverse depictions of Asian women in her art.

Marseilles goes GAYYYY

Claire Burgess, creator of the gorgeously queer Fifth Spirit Tarot, is at work reimagining the traditional Tarot de Marseilles through a queer lens. The Kickstarter is here! And you bet we’ll be stocking the deck when it comes out – stay tuned for more on this :)

That’s all I got for ya my friends – a big load of tarot awesomeness.

…and these pics of my midsummer allotment which is the reason it’s taken me so long to get this newsletter out to you ;) Blame it on mugwort, queen of the wasteland, or perhaps this magical vervain.

Stay gorgeous, proud n humble,

Beth x