The Spacious Tarot


The Spacious Tarot is an immersive 78 card tarot deck and guidebook, created by Annie Ruygt and Carrie Mallon.

Second edition.

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The Spacious Tarot is a tarot deck, but to simply call it a tarot deck does not fully describe the magic you’ll find here. This deck invites you into an energetic realm, beckoning you to enter and explore. Immerse yourself in the scenes. Sink into the colors and textures. It doesn’t matter if you are new to tarot or a seasoned reader – these cards will evoke your intuition!

The deck features earthy, nature based illustrations, as well as more mystical and cosmic elements. Immerse yourself in the colors and textures, and embrace the wisdom available to you here. The deck comes with an accompanying guidebook tucked right into the box. You will surely form your own connection to these cards, but the guidebook will offer nudges to help you bond with this unique deck.

There are no humans in our deck, but there are a few hints of humans (such as the skeleton hands in Death and the lantern in The Hermit). A few animal companions are present, most notably in the court cards. The courts have also been re-named to focus less on gender and hierarchy, and more on levels of experience. The Child is equivalent to what most decks call Page, Explorer for Knight, Guardian for Queen and Elder for King.

The Spacious Tarot is a collaboration between illustrator Annie Ruygt and tarot reader Carrie Mallon. We met via Instagram and bonded over our shared love of tarot (and the band Hanson!). Carrie had been secretly fantasizing about creating a deck with Annie for months. When Annie reached out with the same idea, it was clear the universe wanted this collaboration to happen!

We embarked on this project in September 2016. Even before the deck had a title, SPACIOUSNESS emerged as a theme in the artwork as well as the creative process. We played with different illustration styles and concepts. We took breaks when needed. The deck came forward organically, at its own pace.

We trusted that as long as we remained open to the ebbs and flows of the creative process, this deck would take shape exactly as the universe intended it to. It felt like the visual and energetic signature of these cards was already out there in the ether, and we just needed to provide a way for it to take shape and form. Now that the deck is nearly complete, the result is more magical, beautiful and poignant that we ever could have imagined.

Second edition.


  • 78 tarot cards. Printed on 350 GSM, 100% post-consumer recycled card stock, each card measuring 70x112mm. Borderless imagery with slightly rounded corners
  • 137-page guidebook
  • Book and deck presented together in a beautiful, sturdy one-piece box with flip cover lid

Printed and made in China.


  1. Jo (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this deck. The quality of the deck is matte and sturdy, whitout being too thick to handle. I find the images very intuitive and easily read – with the guidebook as company it doesn’t matter if you have loads of experience or none, this’ll be a good deck! Now, this of course differ from reader to reader, but in my experience, this decks personality is patient, calm whitout beating around the bush. If you have something pressing you need to take care of, this deck will point it out clearly whitout it coming across as harsh. This is the third deck I’ve bought from littleredtarot and I am very fond of this store. With brexit in mind, if you’re not from Great Brittain, be prepared to wait a while for it to arrive… But in my oppinion, this deck is super worth waiting around for!!

  2. Semiramis Popova (verified owner)

    Beautiful and immersive deck. It draws you in, inviting you to tap into the experience of every card. The guidebook offers a perspective on the cards’ meaning that is both fresh and thought-provoking. My first order from Little Red Tarot, and was so pleasantly surprised with the beautiful and thoughtful package I received. Thank you for communicating the deck’s journey through understandable delays, printing, and shipping on the website.

  3. H (verified owner)

    Abstract and evocative, this deck is absolutely beautiful. The card quality in thickness, texture and colour is stunning. Each card carries weight and meaning, and everything feels carefully thought out. It made my day when it arrived in the post with LRT’s usual meticulous and eco conscious packaging!

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