2020 Visions Tarot


A collectible tarot deck that reimagines the major arcana through the lens of 2020, by Krystal Banner.

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2020 Visions Tarot: The Major Arcana is a Majors only deck (22 Major Arcana cards plus a bonus card) that takes a close look at 2020, America and the intersection of the past, present & future, created by Kaleidadope’s Krystal Banner.

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Touching on major themes and events of 2020 – including the global pandemic, the US election, the 2020 uprising for Black Lives and the unignorable effects of climate change – this deck is a collectors’ item and a poignant work of art that makes the meaning of tarot more real and tangible than ever.


  • 23 illustrated major arcana tarot cards with matte finishing, gold holographic stamping & edging
  • Guidebook with meanings & symbolism descriptions
  • Presented in a quality one-piece box with a flip lid and magnetic closure