2020 Visions Tarot


A collectible tarot deck that reimagines the major arcana through the lens of 2020, by Krystal Banner.

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Reason alone cannot explain the many issues that delayed this deck’s arrivals (for literally two whole years!) – all I can say is, the spirit of 2020 lives on!

We only have a few of these collectible decks in stock, so if you’d like to reserve your copy, order today and it will ship when we return from our winter break on Tuesday 3rd January. Thank you for your patience!

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2020 Visions Tarot: The Major Arcana is a Majors only deck (22 Major Arcana cards plus a bonus card) that takes a close look at 2020, America and the intersection of the past, present & future, created by Kaleidadope’s Krystal Banner.

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Touching on major themes and events of 2020 – including the global pandemic, the US election, the 2020 uprising for Black Lives and the unignorable effects of climate change – this deck is a collectors’ item and a poignant work of art that makes the meaning of tarot more real and tangible than ever.


  • 23 illustrated major arcana tarot cards with matte finishing, gold holographic stamping & edging
  • Guidebook with meanings & symbolism descriptions
  • Presented in a quality one-piece box with a flip lid and magnetic closure