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How are you doing out there, wherever you are in the world? I hope you are feeling safe, resourced and well today <3

It’s a cool, bright Sunday morning here in mid-Wales. I’ve just spent a few hours cleaning, sorting and tidying in the shop, and a gentle breeze is making the fairy lights bob. The moon is on the wane; summer wanes with her. Last weekend was Lammas, the first harvest. A pandemic grips every corner of our shared world; the movement for Black lives grows stronger and louder. We will not forget the summer of 2020, this summer of vast shifts and changes, fear and hope, life and death. There is so much to fight for.

In this edition of #DECKLUST…

  • #BlackArtMatters – BIPOC customers, you requested so many amazing decks! Thank you! I’m slowly bringing your faves on board.
  • I’ve written a book! No I mean I actually have written a book! #Excited.
  • New decks in the shop and some wonderful coming-soons…
  • A beautiful, heartfelt poem/review love-letter to the Many Queens Tarot, shared by Cathou. I love this so so much.
  • Shop Talk – featuring a few li’l changes we’ve made to improve your experience :)


Melanade Stand’s Tarot

Big, big huge thanks to everyone who participated in our recent BIPOC customer survey. It was wonderful to receive so much feedback about not only the decks you’d love to see on the shelves but also how ‘seen’ you feel by LRT, and how we can serve you better.

Your deck recommendations were (obviously) amazing! I’ve spent the past month exploring so many gorgeous melanated decks. I’m slowly reaching out to your favourite creators, and hoping to truly diversify our shelves in line with what you’ve been asking for. A few new decks are already on the shelves, others I’m hoping will join in coming months, along with features and interviews with creators on the LRT blog.

You can check out our current selection of decks created by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour here, and specifically Black-created decks here.

In the long term, we continue to dig deeper into anti-racist learning and practice, and are working to instill this learning and practice in every area of this business. We are making shifts and changes wherever we find white supremacy at work, and finding ways to intentionally centre BIPOC voices in our decision-making.

I have left the BIPOC customer survey open permenantly. Please feel welcome to use this if you want to share new recommendations or give feedback (good or bad) about Little Red Tarot. You can also email directly, of course.

I’ve written a book!

Yes indeed, at long last, I have written the Little Red Tarot guidebook so many have asked for. Hurrah! All of Our Stories is a handbook for anyone wanting to liberate their tarot practice and discover their own unique story in their cards. It’s also an accessible, inclusive card-by-card reference guide to the tarot, offering my own interpretations as a springboad for discovering your own.

This book is suitable for beginners, experienced readers, and everybody else. (And, of course, it’s an ideal companion to the Alternative Tarot Course!)

I’m super proud to say that All of Our Stories will be out in a couple of weeks, and pre-orders will open next week with sliding scale pricing.

Check it out here!

New decks pour vous

There are *many* new things in the shop. As always you can keep up with what’s new at littleredtarot.com/new! Here are few highlights…

The Hide Tarot

Dan Francis’ beautiful, black-and-white, handpainted tarot is a heartfelt expression of grief and healing. Each card bears a single symbol, and the deck, complete with its gudebook, can be used as both a regular tarot, or as an oracle.

On the Blog: Read an interview with Dan about the creation of this deck.

Desert Dreamwalk Oracle

Another colourful, otherworldly oracle deck from creatrix Kristen, of Over The Moon Oracle Cards. These 50 digital collage cards feature unexpected, dreamlike scenes in a desert backdrop. Each card has a simple keyword to spark your intuition and imagination, and there is a digital guidebook to help you go deeper with your readings.

A Deck For Wonder Walking

Intuitive painter Amy T Won has woven a wonderland of images to inspire creative walks in communication with our environments. Included with these luxurious cards is a pocket Field Guide, offering a simple, spacious process for using the deck to take yourself on a wonder walk and receive creative inspiration from nature.

We hope to share a post from Amy about how to use this deck soon.

Dream Awake Tarot Deck & Guidebook

Alishanti Gumbo has created an immersive experience with this vivid deck and workbook. Not a traditional tarot, these 36 unumbered, un-named, hexagonal cards are inspired by the archetypes of the major arcana. The large, full-colour guide/workbook offers intuitive prompts to help you delve deeper into these powerful images, with worksheet pages you can fill in as you journey.


The Living Altar Oracle Deck sold out as soon as it reached us! I am so sorry to everyone who missed these before we could even get an announcement out, we had so few in our first small Kickstarter batch. We’re talking to creators Kiki and Ylvadroma about ordering lots more and if you click through and enter your email address, you’ll be notified as soon as they’re available. This is a beautiful, beautiful deck – one I’m especially excited to stock. I’ve been using mine every day since it arrived (I’ll also be sharing a gushing review with loads of lovely pics very soon.)

This Might Hurt is now back in stock.

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas are back too!

The Spacious Tarot will be here very soon…

Prisma Visions Tarot is still stuck at customs, argh. However, we really do believe they’ll be here soon. Orders are now open again if you want to reserve your copy.

A Love Letter to the Many Queens Tarot

Cathou’s latest post is a beautiful, raw and tender poem-review of the Many Queens Tarot, Lettie Jane Rennekamp’s quirky, femme, all-bodies-welcome deck. She also offers a really great spread for beginning a relationship with this deck! Content note: This post briefly references abuse in the first paragraph.

I am in awe of how Cathou continually reinvents tarot writing – she is a true artivist. (Have you read her series, Fat Tarot, on the old LRT blog? You really should.)

Shop Talk

We’ve been improving things in the shop and systems, to better manage our inventory and to make your customer experience more fun!

Such as…

  • Notifications for unavailable items. Why it’s taken me three years to get on this I do not know. If you’re lusting after a deck that’s not yet available, simply enter your email address on the product page. As soon as we open orders, you’ll automatically get an email, so you won’t miss out! Boom.
  • Badges! Okay I *might* have been procrastinating doing my taxes, but anyway, I found this wonderful software that allowed me to make colorful badges to tell you at-a-glance whether a deck is coming soon, on pre-order, discontinued, etc. Check out any shop page and you’ll see :)
  • Better categories. Now you can not only find queer & trans, BIPOC or diverse decks but also browse for sci-fi & fantasy, femme, or nature vibes, discover people-free decks, and more! You’ll find these under ‘explore’ in the shop menu.

These are big, big times we’re living through.

I often wonder if focusing so much of my energy on a little shop is the right use of my resources. But then we’ll get feedback from a happy customer whose purchase has enhanced their daily life, or someone who stumbled across our store and felt a sense of connection and belonging. And then I know that the revolution is for everyone, and for everywhere. Whether we’re in business or community or self-development or love, every arena of our lives is shifting. There is so much to learn and so much work to do, and my beloved little shop, stocking all this radical magic, has its role to play alongside all the rest.

In the next newsletter I’ll be bringing some big news. Little Red Tarot is undergoing an excing transition and it’s scary and difficult and full of hope and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Look out for announcements around the new moon.

I send you love, and solidarity, and gratitude for being here with us. Please know that it’s okay if you are feeling a lot, if you are exhausted. Please also know you are allowed to feel safe, to feel held.

However you are feeling, know that you are whole and complete, just as you are.

You are enough.

So much love,

Beth x