The Hide Tarot


A black and white tarot deck filled with natural and mystical imagery, that can also be used as an oracle. Created by Dan Francis.

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Note, the guidebook shown in the picture is not included. The guidebook is now offered as a downloadable PDF.

A unique 78-card tarot deck, created by Dan Francis. The deck features striking natural and mystical imagery, painted and drawn by hand.

The Hide Tarot is a deck that can be used by those who are familiar with the traditional tarot structure, or by those who are looking for a more intuitive, instinct based experience. Each card features a ‘subject’, a thematic figurehead — for example: the bear, the witch, the egg — which allow the cards to function as oracle cards as well as traditional tarot cards.

I quickly realised that, with each card, I was actually healing myself in a sense. I’m now so happy that I can hold this deck in my hand and say “here’s what I went through and here’s a physical embodiment of what I learnt”.

Dan Francis

The cards measure 2.75 × 4.75” (70 × 120mm) on smooth, thick and matte playing-card quality art paper. The custom decorated box is a sturdy lidded box to keep your cards safe. Included with your purchase is a downloadable PDF guidebook exploring the card meanings, with detailed descriptions of each card and illustrations throughout.

Read more about this deck: Grief & Hidden Places: Dan Francis on creating the Hide Tarot


  • 78 illustrated black-and-white tarot cards measuring (70 × 120mm), with silver gilded edges.
  • Deck presented in a sturdy two-piece box
  • 50-page illustrated PDF guidebook (sent as a download with your order)


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