The Hide Tarot


A black and white tarot deck filled with natural and mystical imagery, that can also be used as an oracle. Created by Dan Francis.

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A unique 78-card tarot deck, created by Dan Francis. The deck features striking natural and mystical imagery, painted and drawn by hand.

The Hide Tarot is a deck that can be used by those who are familiar with the traditional tarot structure, or by those who are looking for a more intuitive, instinct based experience. Each card features a ‘subject’, a thematic figurehead — for example: the bear, the witch, the egg — which allow the cards to function as oracle cards as well as traditional tarot cards.

I quickly realised that, with each card, I was actually healing myself in a sense. I’m now so happy that I can hold this deck in my hand and say “here’s what I went through and here’s a physical embodiment of what I learnt”.

Dan Francis

The cards measure 2.75 × 4.75” (70 × 120mm) on smooth, thick and matte playing-card quality art paper. The custom decorated box is a sturdy lidded box to keep your cards safe. Included with your purchase is a downloadable PDF guidebook exploring the card meanings, with detailed descriptions of each card and illustrations throughout.

Read more about this deck: Grief & Hidden Places: Dan Francis on creating the Hide Tarot


  • 78 illustrated black-and-white tarot cards measuring (70 × 120mm), with silver gilded edges.
  • Deck presented in a sturdy two-piece box
  • 50-page illustrated PDF guidebook (sent as a download with your order)


  1. Emma (verified owner)

    I spent a while searching around for a deck that I really loved and eventually found this one. I’m so glad I did! Dan’s art is beautiful and I love the thoughtful simplicity of each symbol he’s chosen. The guidebook is also fantastic and really helps with understanding each suit and card. As the previous reviewer said, all of the cards and descriptions – even the typically less positive ones – have an encouraging and hopeful aspect to their message. I’ve found readings with this deck very comforting, supportive and clear, which has been great for me as I tend to use tarot to process overthinking and anxiety. I’d recommend this deck to anyone – and thank you to Dan for creating it :)

  2. Jed

    I’m so deeply in love with this deck! I found it on this site, and the artwork spoke directly to me, and so I bought it! I’ve been using it for the past six months, and I honestly can’t describe how much I love it (so so so so so much!!!!!). I REALLY love the themes Dan chose for each card of the Major Arcana: as a Tarot newbie, they helped me memorize and understand the order of the Major Arcana and start interpreting the Major Arcana cards. I also really love Dan’s beautiful, layered, gorgeous artwork on each card: I wish I had a print to frame of each card!!! I’m transgender and non-binary, and I am obsessed with how cleverly + gently Dan handles gender in the cards: it feels like the BS gender binary rules of “men are always like this, and women are always like that” just doesn’t exist in Dan’s deck or world. I find this deck very profoundly trans-affirming and have been using it a lot through my gender transition. Finally, I find this deck offers really beautiful and helpful readings around my interpersonal relationships. The card images and meanings in the guidebook don’t shy away from difficulty, challenge, and conflict, but Dan always offers something positive and hopeful with each card and card meaning. I think this deck is an amazing gift and I thank Dan for making it and sharing it with us. I can’t recommend it more highly!

    • Beth

      What a wonderful review – thank you for taking the time Jed, and SO happy to hear how the Hide Tarot has been an ally in your transition. All the feels <3 <3 <3

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