The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas

A melananted, traditionally-inspired yet modern tarot deck filled with Black goddesses.

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This beautiful deck is a celebration of divine Black femininity. Created by artist Andrea Furtick in autumn 2018, we hope to have this deck on the shelves in December or January.

“Representation matters. It matters in art. It matters in tarot. It matters in life. By way of accurate representation, connection is able to be established and for so many melanated women like myself, our general connection to the tarot divination sysytem is currently lacking due to the scarcity of melanated image filled decks. The Tarot is a beautiful card system of wonder that can provide us with unseen and overlooked perspectives as well as a literally soulful connection to our daily paths, all while aiding us in ultimately improving our existence with unexplainable instinct. So as a labor of light and love, fine artist, Andrea Furtick has taken on the ultimate “commission of the ancestors” and committed to creating a traditionally inspired yet modern and fully melanated deck entitled The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas.”


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