Guided Hand Tarot


A hand-collaged deck with a colourful, analogue aesthetic and a queer/feminist focus. By multimedia artist and tarot reader Irene Mudd.

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Multimedia artist Irene Mudd created the The Guided Hand Tarot in a flurry of intense creative activity in summer 2017.

Each card is hand-collaged and embellished with gouache, gold marker, and embroidery. Irene’s love of color, pattern and texture flow throughout this deck, and so its uniqueness lies in its tactile, layered quality achieved from analogue collage.

A 44-page zine guidebook is also available.

“The Guided Hand Tarot approaches the ancient symbolism of the Tarot from a queer, feminist perspective. I chose to blur the rigid gender binaries present in traditional tarot decks by representing queer and sometimes androgynous figures in place of many “male” or “female” archetypes.

The aesthetic of this deck is deeply influenced by abstract painter Hilma af Klint, who makes a cameo as my High Priestess! She believed unseen mystic forces guided her hand to create her stunning geometric paintings, which is how my deck got its name. The geometric compositions and triadic color schemes in the deck pay homage to her mystical art. There is also a repeated use of triangles in the deck, which represent the alchemical symbols of earth, fire, air and water – an integral facet of the tarot.”

Further info: Irene Mudd discusses the creation of this deck and its central ideas on the Little Red Tarot Blog.


  • 78-card deck
  • Presented in a custom-made two-piece box

About Irene:
“I have been a tarot practitioner for 8 years, and an artist all my life. The rich symbolism in the art of the tarot has always captured me, and creating a deck of my own has always been a dream of mine. All my life I’ve been drawn to magic and ritual, and art making has always been an important part of my spiritual practice, so the marriage of these two loves seemed like an obvious choice. My hope is that this deck will reach as many people as possible, and that it resonates with each user, serving as a trusted guide.”


  1. Liza Massey (verified owner)

    P.S I love the diversity within the deck, it encompasses everything possible. Irene Mudd is amazing. Xxx

  2. Liza Massey (verified owner)

    This deck is beautifully designed and presented. The images are well thought out and have their roots in RWS symbolism.

    I instantly bonded with the deck. The creator surely has a keen eye for tarot design, I particularly love the collage style, I’m obsessed lately with this type of media.
    If the creator does or has done any more creations, I’d buy them instantly, as I’m a fan for sure! Brilliant service as always from Little Red tarot shop. They go above and beyond always. Happy squirrel, am I. Xxxx

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