Andrea Furtick


Drea is the creatrix behind the Afro Goddess Connection, A collection of vivid and luxurious hand-painted decks including the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas, celebrating the power of Black women and African spirtuality.

Follow her journey on her wonderful blog at or on IG @art.goddess.drea!

Andrea’s journey to the Afro Goddess Connection

I built a portfolio full of melanated goddesses with creamy brown skin tones embracing their femininity and power. I love making art that makes my sisters feel good about themselves. That positive vision of yourself is so important, and that’s the reason I’ve never gotten into painting famous people or popular things. In conversation with one of my Christian relatives, they openly passed a pretty harsh judgement on the lovely art I create. … It was that night, hurt and armed with too much wine, I created the vision Self: An Expression.

That piece was my ode to the strength in being a conscious, witchy, black and proud woman. And with the new found confidence that I found in creating that piece, I understood my art was being led into a more spiritual niche.

Read the whole of Andrea’s creation story here.

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