Dream Awake Tarot Deck & Guidebook


A vivid, visionary deck and workbook of 36 powerful archetypes on hexagonal cards, created by Ashanti Gumbo.

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Why does Dreaming Awake Tarot exist?


Dream Awake Tarot™ is not only an invitation to explore tarot more creatively, it also peaceful activism. A medium that can be utilized to tear down the ideals and cultures that eurocentrism, colonialism, patriarchy, unconscious capitalism and classism have established.

A deck of 36 hexagonal cards created in digital collage by Ashanti Gumbo, complete with a detailed guidebook/workbook. These vivid cards evoke powerful, dreamlike archetypes drawing on black spiritual traditions and the tarot’s Major Arcana, creating a truly unique and visionary deck.

These cards are un-named and un-numbered. 22 cards are ‘pathways’ cards, featuring archetypes based on the Major Arcana cards of the tarot. The remaining 14 are ‘contemplation cards’. The deck comes with a large, full-colour Inspiration Guide and workbook offering an in-depth journey through the deck, with fillable worksheet pages to record your own journey.

Dream Awake Tarot drinks from a reservoir of indigenous folk wisdom, elements of voodoo, hoodoo, adinkra symbolism, music, and other inspirational cultural flavorings to bring forth a fresh and relatable system of self-transformation.

Every card is designed without numbers or words to allow you to order them, name them, and give them meaning according to your intuitive prompts. I am aware that this varies greatly from what we are all used to; however, diving into tarot in this fashion allows us to explore our differences and similarities based on how we order and what we name each card. This opens up space for dialogue and discussion for authentic relating.

Find out more: Read an interview with Ashanti at Asali Earthwork.

NOTE: This deck contains 36 cards. It is not a ‘full tarot’ in the traditional sense.


  • 36-card hexagonal deck, cards measuring 3.25 x 3.75 inches, presented in a colourful tuck-box
  • Large full-colour Inspiration Guide/workbook
  • Inspiration card from the creator


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