REVIEW | A Love Letter to the Many Queens Tarot


Dear MQT,

At first, I was impressed. There is something so direct about you, it is almost raw. Or should I say crude? The Emperor’s big hands awoke my traumatic memory. My mind got full of visions: me without hands or feet, abusers with them so huge I felt I would never escape. You confronted me to my fears. I was not ready at the time.

the emperor card

For better for worse, we build a common story. We took things slow, inspired by the 8 of Pentacles. Thank you for taking things slow. Thank you for respecting my boundaries. We build something without any pressure, in a patient process. I felt comfortable – as comfortable as when I wear my watermelon skirt.

It was not a productive process either. It was a process of connecting. Finding our vibration. Experimenting for the sheer joy of it. Until it was fluid. We were surfing the 6 and 10 of cups‘ waves.

6 of cups of the Many Queens Tarot. In the background: some poplar tree, some chirory flowers, grass and a field of wheat

Dreaming fem(me)

You make me think of my best fem(me) friends. You carry the spirit of fem(me) solidarity networks. I want to share you with all my fem(me)s. You resonate with true friendship as depicted on the 3 of cups.

Not only are you a good friend, but you are also persistent. As much as you respect my limits, you wouldn’t let me go. 7 of wands shows both my initial resistance and your tenacity.

With your emphasis on femininities, you scared me a little. I jumped on The Chariot with you nevertheless. You emboldened me. I am incredibly apprehensive of divine feminine concepts. With you, we explore something else. Something along the lines, but something else. I am not even sure it’s fem(me)ness. I don’t care, I go for it. Binaries, essentialism, bodily norms and expectations, all that flies away like a hundred feathers as you move towards another perspective. In your caring company, we are free to define, reject, embrace, ignore, queer, reclaim, disturb (whatever works) the many queens within, without, above, below.

Together, we’re driving our chariot along an unknown path. We invent fem as we go: sharp as the Ace of Swords, moving as the Ace of Cups, revolutionary as the Ace of Wands, reassuring as the Ace of Pentacles. I guess I needed some reinvention. Thank you for showing me the way. Thank you for passing on the tools.

Thank you, also, for your openness about the many faces meaningful relationships can take, in the company of the 10 of Cups. The reinvention you enabled relates to something else than identity, something more vibrant, more creative, more embodied. I’m eager to find out what the process will hold. We are on a mystical quest towards radiant fem(me) creativity like the combination of Queen of Wands and the Knight of Cups.

When we’re together

I love how you make me feel. In your presence, I am hopeful. I am open. Our collaboration will mix us into something new. I can’t imagine what our future together will look like as we are still on the threshold, examining what could be tomorrow (2 of wands).

I enjoy this moment of indecisiveness with you, a momentum when all is possible. The joy that sparkles on the threshold will transform and exult into the 3 of wands. I know it will. You inspire me. You ignite the fierceness in me.

I can’t wait to share more and more with you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


A spread and an answer from MQT

  1. How the Many Queens Tarot sees me.

The Wheel of Fortune. Enjoying the change. Wishing to be part of it. An elemental hybrid.

2. What areas MQT wishes to explore with me.

Page of Swords. I initially wrote “words” instead of swords. I take it as an indication: creative writing, poetry, automatic writing,… Even further: discovering new writing and storytelling techniques.

3. What does my special magick bring to MQT?

2 of Pentacles. Liminal work under its physical, intense, and even painful forms. This answer invites a series of questions. What’s the body? What world do we inhabit? What’s a hedgewitch or a psychopomp? How can a tarot card manifest in our bodies and our material realities? How does MQT’s representation contribute to more diverse and representative tarot?

4. Where we meet: our reinvention.

Knight of wands. Sexual tension. Something playful. Sensual explorations. Jumping from box to box and exploding them. Testing and tasting several ways of creating before we settle for one. We ignite fierceness in each other.


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