We ‘officialy’ ran this survey in July 2020 – huge thanks to all who took part!

We are leaving it permenantly live so that customers of colour may use it to share their thoughts with us at any time.

BIPOC Customer Survey

Thank you so much for being part of this long-overdue survey!

Little Red Tarot intends to be a shop where Black people, Indigenous people and People of Polour feel loved and seen, and where you can find decks and spiritual tools that reflect who you are, your culture, your values, your selves.

As a white-owned micro-business, LRT has a long way to go to fulfil this intention. A key part of this work is the simple act of reaching out to our customers of colour, asking, listening, and being ready to create change.

You’ll find our survey below. What you tell us will help shape the future direction of this small business.

I’m so grateful to you for sharing your voice. It is wanted and needed.

Love, Beth x

You can view our current selection of BIPOC-created decks here, and our entire selection here.
Please note we only stock self-published decks – if your fave/most lusted-after deck is available on Amazon, we won’t stock it.

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