#Decklust: Love in the time of corona

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Hey, friend.

There’s shop news to share that I know folks are waiting for – you can scroll on down for all of that. I decided against sending two separate emails, one attending to the current crisis, the other acting like it’s business as usual.

It most certainly is not business as usual. (Does that even exist?) I am a human, my tiny business is an act of my own creative humanity – we may not be allowed to physically touch right now, but I and this shop are touched by many. We belong to an ecosystem, a community, a world, one beating heart. I’m honoured to be in that ecosystem with you, friend. If you’re feeling anxious, or lonely, and you’d like to offload, feel free to reply to this email and let me know how you’re doing.

This Might Hurt Tarot

Deep thanks to everyone who has been in touch this week to check if I’m okay. As a self-employed person, it means a lot to know my customers care enough to reach out. I’m okay. Feeling weird, like everyone. Social distancing like a pro, learning to facilitate groups on Zoom, preparing for full isolation. Donating, volunteering, trying not to scroll too much, failing at that. Wondering how it can be that we are not all flag-waving socialists, witnessing day after day the repugnant failure of capitalism to look after ordinary people. Screaming at the news, at airline bailouts, at laid-off workers with nowhere to turn, and parents who won’t stay home.

Re-reading Emergent Strategy, knowing that all of the tools we need are within its pages.

Looking for ways that me and a li’l online tarot store can be of service in a time like this. I’m still working it out.

Isolation Tarot Love Packs

If you or a friend is especially vulnerable to the health risks of coronavirus, check out our tarot love packs. Pay what you feel, and get the Alternative Tarot Course, a ‘seconds’ deck of your choice, and a personal mini tarot reading on a postcard from moi. Something that may brighten lonely isolation time. If you’d like to send one as a gift, that’s awesome! You’ll find special instructions on the page. 100% of any profit made on this will go directly to QueerCare.


To everyone else who is social distancing or in full isolation: Good for you! Keep it up.

If it’s possible for you (and I know not everyone can – this message is not intended for those who have no option but to go to work), community care looks like staying the hell home right now, understanding why that’s important. It’s not just about those of us that can work from home – we also need to be cancelling our social gatherings, trips, parties. We need to work together as a community to flatten that curve, protect vulnerable people, and slow the demand on health services and staff. If you’re not yet social distancing and you’re able to, please – do so now. It is past time. Order a takeaways from your fave local restaurant, tip the delivery person handsomely, get your home cinema (okay, your laptop) fired up, and hunker on down.

Looking for something to keep you busy?

A reminder that the Alternative Tarot Course has accessible sliding scale pricing – you can pay an amount that feels good to you, and access this super popular online tarot course for a whole year. 50% of all course sales will be donated directly to Refugee Community Kitchen (to whom we already regularly donate – we just want to up the amount at this time!)

This is a accessible, engaging eight-week journey into the tarot, and it will help you develop a simple daily card practice, a nourishing weekly reading practice, and get you seeing and reading and knowing your cards in all kinds of new ways.

All the details are right here

And if you’d like to take this with a group of friends, reply to this email and let me know!

Don’t wanna buy a course? No problem! I’ll also be posting regular tarot exercises on the blog, to keep y’all busy and keep y’all at home ;)

…and I’ve written an entire library of tarot card meanings, which you’ll find right here in the Library. Bookmark this page, so you can easily look cards up when you’re stuck!

…And before I get to shop news – if you’ve got spare cash right now, consider sending some in the direction of Refugee Community Kitchen. This 100% volunteer run grassroots organisation provides hot, nourishing, immune-boosting meals to refugees living in wet, crowded camps. If you have a comfy home and think coronavirus is scary – imagine being a displaced refugee at this time. Refugees are some of the most vulnerable people in the world – while our governments worry about bailing out f’ing Richard Branson and closing borders…I can’t even.

Please give what you can here.

And so, to the shop! Where there is much newness, and many returning long-awaited faves…

The Forager’s Daughter Tarot

I’ve finally opened pre-orders on this beautiful, nature-based deck by Jessica Lei Howard – though delivery will be a little later than originally thought. You can reserve your copy here.

Way of the Panda Tarot

Honestly, I’ve spent so many years resisting ‘cute’ decks (because I’m a horrible snob) but these pandas have just won my heart. Expected in stock next month, you can adopt your panda deck right here!

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas

Andrea Furtick’s luscious celebration of divine Black femininity is back – with a special new edition. Following a rapid sell-out of the first version, Andrea has added sumptuous holographic detailing and a new Nova card to this edition. Pre-orders are open now and we expect to be shipping late next week.

Spacious Tarot – 2nd Edition

Yes! This ridiculously popular deck will be back in May/June with an updated edition (yes, that typo has been corrected!) If you missed out first time around, you can reserve your copy here.

This Might Hurt Tarot – now with pearl edges!

One of Little Red Tarot’s latest hits, Isabella Rotman’s modern, inclusive, graphic-novel-esque tarot now has lovely flashing pearlescent edged! I know a few of you have been holding out for this version – it’s in the shop now :)

Unicorns of the Universe Tarot

I think it’s best to let creator, musician and storyteller Rebecca Shoenecker explain:

“The decks’ creator worked hard to tame the wild, mystical Unicorn. It wasn’t easy. The Unicorns were shy and sometimes they had difficulty concentrating. But through their friendship, the Unicorns began to share their secrets.”

Handmade linen tarot bags

Well those were a hit! Seems you loved Deva’s gorgeous handmade bags as much as I did – they sold out in about three days flat! Not to worry, Deva has been busy over in Norfolk, and has sent us another batch.

Also: I had a lovely chat with Deva all about her process, her inspiration, how it is to run your own handmade clothing company – her ethos is so closely aligned with mine, I adored this conversation. Check it out here!

Back on the shelves!

Hurrah – these favourites are finally back and shipping now…

Light Visions Tarot (new third edition, hot off the press)

The Green Wheel Oracle is back in print

Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot

Queen Alice Tarot


The Oriens Tarot will be back soon!
The deck’s creator, Sun, has almost sold out of the first edition, and a second is in the works – rest assured we will be stocking it. We will also have a very, very small number of first edition decks in stock in a couple of weeks’ time – if you’re super keen to get one of those, keep an eye on the page.

I’ll leave it there. There’s more, there’s always more. But I’ve run out of energy. I need to move, stretch, breathe, not be looking at a screen.

I need to tend to my seedlings. Make wild garlic pesto. Write to a friend.

I need to pull a tarot card.

Okay… I just did. A card for us, for the ecosystem that is us, reading this, right now.

From the Numinous Tarot:

I had hoped for a soft and gentle card. The Mystic of Bells had other ideas.

I’m struck by the expression on this card, the absolutely-no-bullshit attitude of what creator Noel Arthur Heimpel calls ‘the ultimate badass’. As Noel writes, there’s no tricking the Mystic of Bells (King of Swords). And there’s no tricking us. We the people can see the inequality capitalism creates, the individualism, the greed and fear. It is laid horrifically bare before us as we watch Covid-19 take hold of our communities, while we lack the support structures and health systems and social care to keep everybody safe. The Mystic of Bells calls bullshit.

Speak the truth. See through the bullshit and lies.

Notice that the Windrush scandal is being buried, again, beneath this viral news cycle.

Notice that Richard Branson – a multi-billionaire with a private island – wants his staff to take eight weeks unpaid leave, while asking the government to prop up the aviation industry.

Notice that business bailouts always come before consideration for folks in insecure or no housing, folks with vulnerable health, folks in insecure work.

Notice the militarisation of this. The closing of borders. The terminology. The sudden new laws detainment laws.

And notice the folks on the ground, as always, filling gaps, as always, rushing to help. Notice the kindness, the humanity, the resilience and the defiance.

“The Mystic of Bells has mastered their modes of communication and are able to use it to great effect, recognising ahead of time not just what the effect will be, but why it’s happening. They have graduated from the activist who shows up to the organiser who sets everything in motion.”

If this is a Tower moment – and it’s certainly a Tower moment for capitalism – let’s get planning, dreaming, strategising, communicating the structures we want to create in its place. Then let’s start building.

Thanks for being here, for supporting a tiny business that supports other tiny businesses and artists and makers. Thanks for any support you’re offering to anyone who needs it right now. We’re together in this, and I’m honoured to be with you.

Stay well, stay home if you can, stay in touch.


Beth x

* * *