Introducing the Sacred Relatives Tarot, by Metztli Wolf

Hi all! This is a guest post shared by Metztli Wolf*

We’re closed and on sabbatical right now, but couldn’t turn down the chance to help share Metztli’s project. Below, they introduce their forthcoming deck, the Sacred Relatives Tarot, and let you know how to support its creation.

*NOTE: Metztli’s name contains a character that will not display correctly on this site – I apologise for this mis-spelling. It’s a tech issue that is proving hard to solve – we are on the case and will have it fixed as soon as possible.

Revolutionary Mystic Metztli Wolf is pleased to announce the launch of their exciting new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Sacred Relatives Tarot Deck.

This first-ever tarot deck project from Metztli captures the vivid artwork and spirit of our plant and animal relatives from an Afro-Indigenous perspective. The Rider-Waite inspired deck embraces each plant and animal’s unique energetic message to us, if we will listen.

What was your inspiration for the deck?

When my Great Grandmother Brenda passed away 2 years ago, my healing process was throwing myself into gardening because flowers remind me of her and it was a way I could feel connected with her on the other side. I’ve been in love with cartomancy (reading cards) since I was 12 years old. And I’ve been an animal and plant spirit communicator since I was born. They’ve been some of my greatest teachers. In our colonial society, humans often assume we are the most important members of society and the only sentient beings worth listening to. ?

My inspiration for this deck is to help others relate to plant spirits and animal relatives in the way I do…by developing a deep psychic relationship with the magic each sacred relative offers? They have a lot to say and if we learn to listen and receive their medicine, I bet it could change our present situation a lot for all beings.? I hope this deck will help you discover some of the ways our sacred relatives are communicating with you every day and provide comfort and clarity in your journey!?

Why Should People Back This Deck?

People always ask me where they can find divination decks made by Black, Indigenous people of color, disabled folks, and Queer artists. There are some ah-mazing decks by marginalized folks out there, but we are so scarce, you’d really have to know where to look. We don’t occupy much space on the shelves of spiritual stores…yet.

I’m inspired by the deck creators of color who’ve come before me, they’ve paved the way for my dream of publishing my deck to be possible. As a community, we lift eachother up and embolden ourselves to create, take up more space, and be seen! My hope is that we are on the rise and that you’ll help me make it to that shelf, so I can help make way for the next Black and Indigenous creators to join me. Perhaps one day soon, it will be easy for a 12-year-old like I once was, to walk into a metaphysical shop and see people who look like them & share their life experiences, represented on the shelves. And maybe they’ll even be inspired to make their dreams come true too. #representationmatters #fortheculture

By backing this deck, you are supporting a: Black, Indigenous, Chronically Ill, Disabled, Queer, 2Spirit creator & small business. My work is dedicated to using my psychic abilities and ancestral magic to provide crowdsourced, mutual-aid scholarships to other marginalized folks who are interested in taking my virtual classes, receiving spiritual services, mentorship, and even tools for their spirituality, on Patreon.

This project also helps me have sustainable income while my disability and illnesses are unpredictable and generally considered degenerative. In addition to the witches of color scholarships, your support also brings me one step closer to my big goal of starting a wolf sanctuary!

Which card from the deck was your favorite to create?

Entropy, card 16 (The Tower) in the Major Arcana. Traditionally, the image of The Tower in RWCS decks evokes fear & anxiety, and the image itself isn’t something we see today (unless you’re visiting the Tower of London). So I loved the opportunity to represent the circumstances and guidance of the card in the ageless way of our natural world. And, I chose entropy as the name because I wanted folx to see how science and magic are different lenses to find understanding in the same things.

Creation of the Sacred Relatives Tarot Deck is well under way, with an expected shipping date of July, 2021. Backers who support the Sacred Relatives Tarot Deck Kickstarter have the opportunity to receive rewards, including limited-edition stickers, high-quality prints of the artwork, custom altar cloths and decorations, blessing oil and an exclusive Kickstarter-only Sacred Relatives spell candle. There are also two unique tiers designed for backers with greater privilege to provide mutual aid by purchasing a deck for a Person of Color.

The Sacred Relatives Tarot Deck Kickstarter campaign will run for 28 days, having begun on February 23rd and ending March 23rd at midnight and can be found by visiting:

Meet Metztli

Metztli Wolf, (they/them) is a Queer, Black, Indigenous Person of Color who is neurodivergent and a survivor living with chronic illness and CPTSD. They are also a Psychic Medium, Speaker, Teacher, Evolutionary Astrologer, Hoodoo Rootworker, Paranormalist, Ordained minister & Radical Brujx. They host the Revolutionary Mystic Podcast and run a full-scale ecommerce Hoodoo Botánica with a wide range of spiritual products like candles, oils, herb blends and other curios. M?tztli has been featured on several podcasts including Witches Muse with Tara Burke, Work Like a Witch with Caitlin Matanle and Tu Tía Bruja with Bex Carlos. They have participated as a panelist and speaker at The Modern Witches Confluence, Formidable Voices, and That’s What She Said : A Full Moon Sacred Call To Activism and was a featured vendor as part of Witch Walk in Los Angeles, CA. Metztli will also be featured on the Season Finale of Season 9 of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, set to air in Summer 2021. Their work can be found at and @revolutionary_mystic on Instagram.