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Hey, friend.

Just… wow.

We are – as a world, as a society, as many, many communities and as individual people – at a moment of change.

Cosmic Cards, by Sun Sun & Witch Prophet (currently out of print)

There is no going back. The conversation about racism, about white supremacy, about our deeply, deeply broken unjust systems, is too loud to ignore and those with power are having to listen. I hear white folks who’ve never thought about race before, suddenly exploring their privilege and its harm. I see black folks exhausted but talking of hope and change and uprising in a way that feels new, like it’s really, really happening. The police really did get defunded. Colonial statues really have been toppled. Twitter really are kicking kicking out hatemongers. Etc. I see all kinds of people in all kinds of spaces and industries, working to unpack the ways racism shows up in their lives. Things are shifting.

And it’s happening during a global pandemic.

This is huge, and I just really want everyone reading this – especially Black folks – to know that it’s okay to take a breath, take a moment, and witness yourself living through this time. If it feels overwhelming, if it feels terrifying, if it feels hopeful, if it feels exhausting – it is all of those things.

The Numinous Tarot, by Cedar McCloud

The work is happening here in the shop, too. We recently closed for 10 days to show solidarity with the movement for Black lives, and to take time to look deeper into our anti-racism work. Because white supremacy culture is everywhere, you guys. It’s everywhere. And we are committed to rooting it out wherever we can find it.

First up is, of course, an overhaul of our inventory. I surveyed our current offerings and checked out queer, trans, POC and Black representation among the creators we stock. TL;DR: it ain’t good enough, so that’s going to change. More info here. (POC customers – you’re invited to share your views in our survey!) Meanwhile, I’ve made it easier to find diverse tarot decks on this helpful page!

Behind the scenes, both Hele and I are engaged in long-term personal anti-racism work, which we are beginning to bring into our shared working in the shop. We are learning to call each other in and help each other to see where we’re replicating oppressive systems, making changes to the ways we work in line with a more liberatory vision.

And I’m quietly working on a new project, one that I hope will fulfil a goal of radically redistributing cash and support, to enable more queer, trans, Black, Indigenous and POC art and spirituality to get out into the world. My vision is about nurturing our magical QTPOC ecosystem, sowing seeds, creating the conditions for our art to grow and thrive and create change. More on this to come :)


Practical Magic Tarot, by Chinggay Labrador

To our Black and POC customers – please share your views with us! While we work to decolonise and diversify our curatorial gaze and bring a much wider and more inclusive range of decks to our shelves, we’d love to know what you think! We want to make sure voices of colour are centred in our decision-making. If you have a few minutes, let us know your favourite decks, what you’d love to see in store, and whether or not you personally feel ‘seen’ by this li’l shop.



I’m excited that we’re already bringing on board three new Black creators: Fontaine Felisha Foxworth’s Melanade Stand’s Tarot, Fatima Mbodj’s New Orleans Oracle, and hopefully soon, Krystal Banner’s Kaleidadope Tarot and other decks. We’re also picking up more of LRT fave Kristen’s decks (I’m especially excited about welcoming the Oracle of the Ancients.)

Thanks to an amazing customer (you know who you are!) who sent a four-page list of POC created and centred decks, my wishlist overfloweth – I’m sincerely hoping to be able to stock Drift of Dreams Tarot, the Afro Tarot, and the Akamara Tarot – decks I’d never seen before (oh hello, white culture bubble). And of course the Dust II Onyx Tarot, which I’ve been dreaming of stocking since it first came out.

You know what’s even better than buying from Little Red Tarot, though? Buying direct from the creators. I’m just sayin’. The links above will take you right there.


The Brady Tarot

These have all but sold out already! (There are a couple left as I write this). BUT, there are more on the way. We love the rich, detailed, nature-loving Brady Tarot and plan to keep it on our shelves long term so if you miss out this round, don’t worry – you’ll be able to order it soon.


The Spacious Tarot 2nd Edition

Production of this wildly popular deck has been delayed due to the pandemic, and we’re We’re still taking pre-orders, and will be shipping out these decks as soon as we have them – that’s currently looking like August/September.

The Forager’s Daughter Tarot

We had to close pre-orders on this deck, it sold out super quickly! Our first batch is on its way to us and should be shipping out early July. Once we’ve served all of our pre-order customers, we’ll re-open sales of this deck.



How about a print-at-home deck of the great Black American poets? You can download the Black History Poetry Oracle right here from Kristen at Over the Moon. (Explore #blackhistorypoetryoracle on Instagram to see how folks have used it!)

Rebekah Erev and Nomy Lamm just smashed a Kickstarter to publish their gorgeous queer Jewish year planner (yep, we will be stocking it!)

I made a new category in the shop for Sci-Fi and fantasy ish items! (I have finally started reading Octavia Butler and am so ready to fall down a sci-fi vortex.) I’m planning on growing this category so do send me your recommendations if this is your thing!

Did you see this interview with Tea, creator of the Black Gold Lenormand? (Another piece of crowdfunded magic coming out into the world, hurrah!)

And another thing. Why are so many things out of stock in the shop?(Spoiler: there’s kind of a global pandemic…)

Y’know what, I could go on and on. There’s always more to share, and as always, more will have to wait. I can smell Em cooking dinner and I’m hungry and it’s been a long old Monday.

You’re wonderful.

You’re so damn wonderful. Keep being you. We need you.

Love, rage, solidarity and hope.

Beth x


  1. aline says:

    Hello Beth, what about ‘Marigold Tarot’ by Amrit Brar which I am shure you already know ? It is inspired from panjaby culture and people are represented by skulls, so very fair and identifyable for anyone, i guess… The art is amazing.
    thanks for your work

    • Beth says:

      Thank you for this suggestion! Indeed I do know (and lust after) the Marigold Tarot. Over the years I reached out several times to ask about stocking it, to no avail. It’s been a while though, I will try again (though as you can imagine I never want to hassle people!)

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