Diverse Tarot Decks

Little Red Tarot is a queer-owned business dedicated to supporting the magic and wisdom of of the margins, sharing the creations of folks whose identities are marginalised by mainstream culture.

Our goal is for this shop to be a haven and a treasure-trove for folks who demand real diversity in their spiritual tools. Whilst other decks help to pay our bills, these decks, books and other items are the reason we exist.

We are proud of our collection, but our range is a never-ending work in progress, and we are always seeking new items to add, feature, share. We always want to hear from queer, trans, Black, Asian, Indigenous and people of colour, disabled and other marginalised artists and creators who would like to share their work with LRT.

Queer Created

Items created by LGBTQ+ identifying artists and writers. Many of these are explicit celebrations of queer identities.

POC Created

Decks and books created by Black, Asian, Indigenous and other people of colour.

Real Diversity

We believe these decks offer genuine inclusivity, depicting folks of different genders/gender presentations, races and ethnicities, sexualities, body types, and more.