The Numinous Tarot Deck & Guidebook


The Numinous Tarot is a wonderfully colourful and encouraging, inclusive, queer/feminist tarot deck and guidebook with gender neutral language, suitable for all levels

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Created by Noel Arthur Heimpel, the Numinous Tarot is a deck that strives to bring a variety of experiences to the wonderfully complex symbolism of the Tarot.

Rendered in beautiful and luminous watercolor and inks, the Numinous Tarot shows the beauty of diversity in the world, from body type, ability, race, to gender identity and expression. These things are not used as symbols in and of themselves; rather, they are there to show the infinite ways that all people can experience magic and mystery, especially those who are often excluded from it.

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The Numinous Tarot is a 79-card Tarot deck with fully illustrated pips and one extra card called The Numinous. The suits, court cards, and some of the Major Arcana have been renamed to fit the mystical theme of the deck and/or remove gendered titles.  The court cards have been changed to easier to understand, gender neutral titles: Kings = Mystics, Queens = Creators, Knights = Explorers, Pages = Dreamers.

The 129-page Numinous Tarot Guidebook features 1-2 page interpretations for all 79 cards, plus sections on Tarot reading basics, the Numinous Tarot suits and court titles, spreads, and more. It uses gender neutral language and is written from a queer, feminist perspective. Noel’s card interpretations also feature a particular emphasis on shadow work, mental health, self-discovery, and personal growth. Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith style of reading, but also fairly removed from it.

“Since 2003, Tarot has been a huge tool in my life for self-discovery, healing, shadow work, and fun! Divination with cards of such deep symbolism can be a powerful way for anyone to connect with themselves or with others. However, not everyone can find themselves in the imagery of most Tarot decks on the market today; although the landscape is changing, most decks are still extremely heterocentric, ciscentric, white, and feature thin able-bodied people only. It can be very difficult to find depictions of non-white, queer, disabled, and plus-size bodies in Tarot, which means that many readers and querents aren’t seeing their lives reflected back at them in the cards–my queer, trans/nonbinary self included.

I wanted to create a deck that features ALL of these people, and does so in a way that’s mystical, magical, and full of color. I also wanted to write a guidebook that is equally inclusive–so I did!

If you’ve never read Tarot before, you can start learning with this deck and book! Yes, it is different than many more “traditional” decks or interpretations, but if you identify with the values & message of the Numinous Tarot, it may be easier for you to understand and connect with than others.”

Noel Arthur Heimpel


  1. Katalin Patnaik (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic deck, the most diverse I have ever seen until date. It came in a beautiful and secure packaging too, thank you Little Red! <3

    • Beth

      You’re welcome Katalin! So glad you are enjoying your new deck – I agree, this is a very special one :)

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