Brady Tarot Deck & Guidebook

The Brady Tarot is a 78 card artist’s deck of hand-colored linocuts by Emi Brady. Inspired by the plants and animals of North America. Complete with a lovely bamboo keepsake box and a guidebook by tarot veteran Rachel Pollack.

First edition now sold out. We are now looking forward to the second edition. Sales will open in May, as soon as Emi has completed all Kickstarter shipping. To be the first to hear, hop on the #Decklust mailing list!

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A 78 card artist’s deck of hand-colored linocuts, inspired by the plants and animals of North America.

This beautiful deck was 18 months in the making, by linocut artist Emi Brady. Each image was painstakingly cut by hand, the printed and hand-coloured to create these richly detailed, stunning images. Emi worked with much-loved tarot veteran Rachel Pollack to create a full-length guidebook to accompany the deck, ensuring that this gorgeous set contains everything you need to get started reading tarot.

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First edition (presented in a bamboo box) now sold out. We are now looking forward to the second edition, which is due around May 2020.


  1. Nicoletta Gherardi

    Simply amazing! I received this deck as a gift. The wooden box is beautiful and the magnet closure is very useful. All images are extremely detailed and besides the conventional meaning, they help develop further understanding. Colours are dark and this peculiarity avoids any distraction, recalling a deeper research. Card descriptions in the booklet are clear, detailed and easily understood, always open to a deeper analysis.

  2. Mar (verified owner)

    I could not be more in love with these. The imagry and design are absolutley stunning, all animals, she has done a very deep research about the meaning of every card through out time, and then given her own symbolism to each card. As the previous review says the images are very detailed and help for an intuitive reading beyond the conventional one. And the color! The color just draggs you in! They have been made with such care and love! The card stock is matt and a little bit thick but not too much, great quality. And the presentation wooden box is beautiful. It’s a deck clearly made to last in great shape for years and years! It’s worth every penny!

  3. willowmina (verified owner)

    I just received and I would like to thank you for the care of the package.
    It is the first time I ordered on this site (after visiting it regularly^^) and I absolutely not regret it.
    This deck is really amazing and I waited so long for this moment.
    The pictures look bigger here (with is great for details) than in reality and I prefer because the cards have the right size for my hands.
    The box is amazing too. In brief, this deck is extraordinary and I am very glad to have it, at last. I already feel a deep connexion with it (love at first sight XD) and is definitely a favorite in my collection.
    Thank you Miss Brady for this amazing work and thank you Little Red tarot for distributing it for Europe <3 <3.

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