Why are so many decks out of stock right now?

Is your most-wanted deck out of stock? Ugh – we’re sorry! The good news is, we’ve added a new ‘waitlist’ feature to out-of-stock products to make it easier for you to snaffle them as soon as they’re back. Simply enter your email on the product page and we’ll automatically email you when orders open.

I wanted to share a quick note to explain why so much is out of stock at the moment, as we’re (understandably) getting a lot of questions from customers wondering when this or that deck will be back on the shelves.

First, let’s be honest, keeping on top of the inventory of this store has never been my strong suit! LRT has long been a merry-go-round of items coming in and out of stock. I’ve always intended to get better at that, but when almost every deck is a different conversation with another amazing human, and we work with a small budget that makes placing huge orders difficult, it’s really, really hard to stay on top of it all! And ya know, having spent a long time beating myself up about that, I’m just making peace with it and doing my best.

The pandemic, however, has taken ‘inventory trouble’ to a whole new level.

Since Covid-19 took hold, it’s become really, really difficult to keep things in stock. Partly this is because we work with individual creators who are all individually experiencing their own delays – but partly, this is a problem even giant companies are facing.

Orders placed months ago have still not arrived. My bookmarks are a mess of tracking links to boxes stuck at border crossings or in depots. Decks that were due to be published and which have been selling on back-order have been held up. Decks creators were routinely re-printing have been delayed.

As always, I’m not writing this to moan or complain. Things are taking the time they’re taking and Hele and I powerless to change that. We know that feeling of really, really wanting a new tarot deck, knowing the joy or the support or the wonder it can bring to your spiritual or self-care practice. We want to get these decks into your waiting hands as soon as we can. And right now, that ‘as soon as we can’ is just a good bit slower than usual.

Thanks so much everyone for your patience as we work to get our shelves re-stocked (including plenty of new decks over the coming months!)

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  1. Eva Sawyer says:

    I hear you there! I have my decks printed in small batches, and the last three shipments have been delayed over 3 months! I had one that made it to SF and then sat in customs for a month and a half. I am hoping that things start getting back to normal soon.

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