What the heck is happening with Brexit?

Okay, I admit, the title of this post is a little click-bait-y because the truth is…

I have no idea what is happening with Brexit.

The UK has been in a divisive turmoil for 3 years, and right now, in the midst of a full-on election campaign in which leave/second referendum/remain are the options offered by the biggest parties, it is impossible to tell what will come next.

Brexit has serious and scary consequences reaching far, far beyond the cost of ordering from a micro-business in the UK.

Here’s what I can tell EU customers concerned about ordering from Little Red Tarot:

At present, the UK is still very much part of the EU. customers asking if they will have to pay customs on their orders. The answer is: No. No EU customer is paying customs or import duty on their orders. And EU orders are arriving faster than ever :)

If we leave the EU, the customs situation will depend on the kind of deal we get (or don’t get, if Boris has his way). A customs union will mean no customs or import tax is payable. No deal or a different deal might mean something else. We simply don’t know yet.

If we leave the EU, I will be able to remove VAT from EU orders, so the prices of your fave tarot and oracle decks will be reduced.

I hope this clarifies your most immediate questions! As you can imagine I’m following the political situation very closely at the moment – not only with my shop in mind but with everything I hold dear about my country. #NHSNOTFORSALE

I’m campaigning full-time in this election and working with amazing groups of people locally and around the UK doing everything we can to get rid of Boris Johnson from government. And I need to add here that I couldn’t do this without the incredible Hele working in the shop and keeping everything running beautifully during our busiest time of year. I’m so grateful for all that she does, and to all of you who continue to support a tiny business dedicated to independent tarot and tarot artists.

Thanks for being here all of you <3

Beth x